Rocking Love Poems

Write your special someone a Rocking Love Poem using our "Cheeky" words and you could win an amazing prize pack including; a couples massage, a romantic dinner in a Bubble and exquisite jewelry!

So, Valentine’s Day is almost here, and we want to hook up one lucky couple with a pretty awesome day!

But first…you need to write a Rocking Love Poem!

It’s time to reach deep down and access those “feelings” of yours and write your partner…a “Rocking Love Poem” and submit it by filling out the form below

One catch. Your poem has to be 50 words or less and must include at least 5 of the following words…

Ointment,                          Saucy,

Lockdown,                        Avocado,

Pfizer,                                Mask,

Pleather,                           Sardines,

Richard Simmons,         Armpit

If we select your Rocking Love poem you’ll win our amazing Valentines Day Prize pack which includes;

  • A Romantic 3 course dinner from Tangle Creek enjoyed in your own private bubble in the Courtyard of Hope Garden Dome at Gilda’s Club on Valentines Day!



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