Reactions Pour In Following the Passing of boxing Legend Muhammad Ali

Ali is remembered for being more than just a boxing champion

The boxer and outspoken activist’s body has been returned to his home town of Louisville, Kentucky in preparation for visitation and funeral services at the end of this week.

In Louisville, people have been flocking to Ali’s boyhood home to pay tribute to the boxing legend, leaving flowers, balloons and boxing gloves around the marker designating it a historical site.

In a strange twist of irony, a tree right beside a Muhammad Ali mural in Louisville which bears his famous quote…”Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” suddenly become infested with thousands of bee’s the day after Ali passed away. Close to 15,000 bees according to the beekeeper that was called in to look after the infestation!
Another memorial has grown outside the Muhammad Ali Center, a downtown museum that promotes his humanitarian ideals and showcases his amazing career.

Ali’s funeral has been planned in advance with a special service Thursday, and then an all-faith service Friday. You have to know if Ali planned it, it won’t just be great– it will be double-great!


Image via Ben Baligad