Project: Get Me On Letterkenny

The Journey Begins....

It’s no secret that I love the CraveTV smash hit Letterkenny. I mean, who doesn’t?
What I didn’t know until sort of recently is how badly I want to be on the show!

The ultimate dream would be to get a speaking role. THAT would be THE ACTUAL BEST.

The next best thing: be an extra.

Now, I’m FAIRLY new to acting. I was once in a music video…and had a speaking role in a Rock 95 Birthday Bash commercial (bottom of the page).

So I thought I’d do a little research into what it takes to be an actor.

The first thing I found is that other than acting chops you need professional headshots…

“Okay, I can do that.” I thought.

From there, I looked into a few of the cast members’ headshots and discovered Dylan Playfair’s (Reilly on the show).

And then, with the help of a few friends…decided to pay homage to that beauty pic.

Here’s what I came up with.

Headshot for “Project: Get Me On Letterkenny.” #letterkenny 📸 @hindakozaculp

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Photo cred: Hinda Koza-Culp.

Since having this taken I’ve reached out to a casting agent for the show and sent her my headshot, contact info, etc.

I’m currently awaiting a reply. Wish me luck! … and stay tuned for updates…

Oh…and here’s the Rock95 Birthday Bash Commercial I mentioned earlier.