Mom Turned In By 9 Year Old Son!

Kid Called 9-1-1 When He Thought Mom was Too Drunk To Drive

This little boy did the right thing by turning his mom into police. York Regional Police received a call last night but there was no one on the line. The 9-1-1 operator called back and discovered the call came from a 9 year old boy who was inside a van being driven by his mother, who he believed to be too drunk to drive. The youngster was able to give police his name, address and description of the van before his mother took the phone and told police she had just one drink and hung up. Police located the van and after a breathalyzer, charged the 52 year old with impaired.  Turns out the kid was right. She blew over twice the legal limit. The boy was turned over to his father. Police say if you ever suspect impaired driving call, they will respond immediately.