Meth Gator is a real life Movie in the Works

We can thank the people behind Sharknado for this one

Elizabeth Banks, who directed Cocaine Bear (in theatres now) may have started something with this movie.

There’s apparently a Meth Gator movie coming out from the creators of Sharknado, The Asylum. It’s official title is Attack of the Meth Gator.

There’s not really too much more information out about the movie, but it seems fair to deduce that it’ll likely be about an alligator that ingests too much meth and goes on a killing rampage.

It’s pretty easy to deduce from even just the title…that this’ll be about an alligator who ingests too much Meth.

We also know Cocaine Bear director Elizabeth Banks is working on another movie called Cocaine Shark…also based on a true story. So…buckle up for the wild ride, because we’re about to be inundated with movies featuring animals under the influence.