Lucky You Don’t Live In Their Neighbourhood: Halloween Lights Synced To ‘Smell Like Teen Spirit’

Yeah it's cool..the first time you see it/hear it

This is a great video as you appreciate the time and effort someone put in to this Halloween light show. it’s well done, I like the song choice, it’s fun. Fun for anyone who sees the video or drives by the house. Can’t imagine living in this guy’s neighbourhood. These light shows with music originally started at Christmas, now they have reached Halloween. But you just know the person that does this for Halloween likely goes even bigger for the biggest holiday of them all — so although you may like Nirvana, hearing the song on repeat, or at least once a night every night leading up to the end of the month, is enough to make you sick of them, and when someone makes you sick of something you like, that’s a jerk move.

So enjoy the video, cause his neighbours certainly are not.