Mondays and Tuesdays 7pm-midnight

There’s nothing like being with hundreds or thousands of people and you’re all singing along to your favourite songs watching your favourite musician/band. Concerts are magical, aren’t they?

Hi, I’m Jocelyn! When I’m not doing my evening show, I’m programming the music for Rock 95, playing the songs you want to hear! Since moving to Barrie, I’ve loved living here and becoming a part of the community through volunteer work such as being on the Barrie Public Library Board of Directors and the Marketing Committee for Kempenfest. In my spare time you’ll find me inventing recipes, painting watercolours or salsa dancing….One of the highlights of my radio career was performing a salsa to ‘Despacito’ at Barrie’s Dancing With Easter Seals Stars after having raised thousands of dollars for kids to go to camp. If you see me biking down the lakeshore or skiing down Blue Mountain with curly hair blowing in the wind, that’s me!