How To Spend Your Break Between 1st And 2nd Semester

By Emily Fallows, Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School

With at least a five day weekend before the start of the second semester, industrious students might be a bit lost with all of that extra time on their hands. Here are some tips:

1. Relax! This is one of the few times of the year you don’t have anything to do!

2. Celebrate! Exams are over, and all your hard work has paid off – be proud of what you accomplished!

3. Binge watch a new TV show on Netflix, guilt-free.

4. Sleep in past noon, because you can!

5. Enjoy your hobbies like playing video games or reading a book for your own enjoyment, not to procrastinate.

6. See your friends as much as you possibly can.

7. Get outside! It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy winter activities and sports.

8. Get an organizer to keep your schedule in check for the following semester.

9. Restock paper, pencils, or any other supplies for the second semester, and be well prepared for the first day back.

10. Clean out old binders and fill them with fresh paper, out with the old and in with the new