Family Turns Dead Dog Into Rug

Man's best friend becomes man's accent?

Losing a pet can be a very traumatic experience. Like any trauma, people can react in absurd ways due to being blinded by emotion. Most commonly, you see people replace their pet too soon. But then there’s this family from Australia.

They hired a taxidermist company down under to turn their beloved family pet, Maddy, into an area rug, much like people do with Bearskin. The internet, naturally, has opinions.

All In Favour…

“This is someone’s pet, and they wanted to keep him forever.” ~ Instagram user

“This is no different than keeping a loved one’s ashes, which some say is worse.” ~ Facebook user

“This kind of taxidermy is only now catching on, so it’s still new to some people. Just need to get used to it.” ~ Taxidermist, of course

All Opposed…

“This is macabre. Clearly this family has issues letting go.” ~ Instagram user

“Gross. This would give any kids in the family nightmares!” ~ Instagram user

“How do you keep it clean? What stops it from rotting??” ~ Facebook user

Well, according to the taxidermist, this “rug” should last a lifetime, because they took the hide or pelt, and tanned it, then turned it into leather, so the fur will never fall out.

Taxidermist Shows Off Rug

If you want to see the video, check it out here: **viewer discretion is advised**