Ever Wondered what your Favourite Rock Stars Look like Today?

Their appearances may change over the years, but their music is still amazing.

There’s no doubt that we get enjoyment of seeing how people have aged over the years… It’s awful, we know, however, it’s still entertaining!

Here are 5 rockstars that look totally different now, than they did in their “prime”.

1. Robert Plant

This rocker still looks pretty good!

2. Axl Rose

So intense… Why does he have such a crazy look in his eye? no one knows..

3. Keith Richards

I expect nothing less from a man who partied and rocked as hard as he did. Also, I’m totally convinced that this man will never die *knock-on-wood*

4. Stevie Nicks

Is it wrong to say that she got better with age? No? Perfect, because she’s just as beautiful if not more now than she was back then.

5. Brett Michaels

I don’t know if its the make-up, the plastic surgery or the fancy cowboy hat, but Brett Michaels kind of looks like he belongs in a wax museum now.