WATCH: English Girl Is Fuming About The Price Of Ice Cream

The price is criminal so the reaction was justified!

You know things are getting bad when ice cream prices are out of hand… and a child can notice.

If you are someone who loves accents then you’ll love this little girl’s English accent because she is a bit heated as well. Accents just seem funnier on a kid.

It’s the summertime and now more than ever we want kids to play outside, without phones and technology.

So when you meet up with the neighbourhood kids to play manhunt or with water balloons or whatever, and the ice cream truck pulls on your street, the game stops, and everyone unites for 15 minutes of fun. You feel like you won the lottery. Your allowance comes in handy. Well, things have changed, the prices are so high that it feels like your allowance won’t even cover a summer treat!

She mentions two ice creams for £9. Which converts to about $15. Which is criminal. Her reaction was spot on!

@colbertlateshow The lady doth protest the cost of ice cream. #Colbert #IceCream ♬ original sound – colbertlateshow