Don’t Bring Your AirPods Onto A Rollercoaster At Wonderland

This could have been a $250 mistake

Why bring your very expensive, small, high-tech Apple Airpods with you on a rollercoaster? Why even bring them to Wonderland in general? We don’t have the answer to that question, but we do find out why you shouldn’t bring those AirPods with you.

Do you bring your phone with you on a rollercoaster? It feels like anything that you leave in your pockets is on you. If your keys, sunglasses, phone or wallet fall out of your pocket on a rollercoaster you have no one to blame but yourself. If your shoe flies off, that would get a pass, but that’s about it.

The ride in this video looks like Behemoth at Wonderland, one of the top 3 fastest and craziest rides at the park. Not that any ride would make sense to bring your AirPods with you in your pocket, but this ride is certainly a no.

If someone snatches your AirPods before they are gone forever, do you owe them anything?

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