Could Barrie Handle Open Alcohol in Parks?

Beers on the Beach?

A few cities in British Columbia have passed laws that will allow its residents to consume alcohol in public places. This is the first time anywhere in Canada has done something like this, in the past certain areas of cities would get special licenses for short periods of time. Could Barrie handle something like this? We have seen this done to the extreme in cities such as Las Vegas, and Bourbon Street in New Orleans. In those cities they thrive off the tourists that flock to those cities for the party culture. There are always going to be individuals who overdue things, and consuming alchocol has a track record of people over doing it. So does this law really stop that? We all know that people in Barrie already break the rule and bring drinks with them to the beach. Should it be a crime? You can speak for yourself and say that you wouldn’t overdue it, but do you think the City of Barrie as a whole could handle it?