The City Of Barrie Promised to Fix The Line Painting Mess At Huronia And Big Bay Point

Complaints do work, just do it where the most people hear it

Have you travelled on Huronia Road towards Big Bay Point Road? If so, and you’ve ever made a left, or tried to make a left, or saw someone else make a left, then you may have had an issue.

The left turning lane has misleading road paint and has for some time. The road paint tells two different stories. Do you obey the yellow line or the turning arrow and the white broken line on the right?
The answer is the latter. For the first time ever as a driver, I had to make a mental note that every day when I leave for work, ignore the yellow line.

Ridiculous, stupid, and long overdue, but the City of Barrie will be fixing this road. I’m sure complaints were made but I have learned after dealing with SWOOP AIRLINES, the public forum of Twitter seems to get people’s attention rather quickly.

I realize that this is not the only issue regarding roads in our City, but it’s nice to start somewhere, and if you have Twitter, voice your concerns. It got me somewhere.