Boy Hears His Parents ‘Do it’ — Mortified

Have you ever heard noises from your parent's bedroom?

Some of us escape childhood, adolescence– and early adulthood without every hearing any moans or unwanted noises from our parents bedroom. I was one of the those lucky kids, although in perhaps in an unlucky way, my parents divorced when I was young, which only makes more sense now…

Take a look at this video of a boy who had the ‘pleasure’ of hearing his parents getting down and dirty 3 times, and the noises he heard appeared to have scarred the boy — for now. He will get over it. He himself is a direct result of his parents active sex life.

That being said, did you ever hear your parents/siblings/cousins getting it on? How old were you? I feel like it’s almost rude to interrupt — but sometimes obviously unbearable to do nothing.