Barrie Police Take The Spring Out Of Some People’s Steps

Pedestrian Awareness Campaign Complete

After a series of car-pedestrian collisions – some fatal – Barrie Police embarked on a week-long pedestrian awareness campaign, targetting not just those on foot, but those behind the wheel as well. When it was done, 58 charges had been laid, most of them in the downtown areas. here’s how they break down:

  • Highway Traffic Act: 144 (7) Yielding to pedestrians- 13 Charges Total
  • Highway Traffic Act: 144 (22) Pedestrian crossing- 18 Charges Total
  • Highway Traffic Act: 144 (27) Pedestrian control signals – don’t walk- 9 Charges Total
  • Highway Traffic Act: 179 (1) Duties of pedestrian when walking along highway- 1 Charge Total
  • Safe Streets Act: Section 2 Solicitation of captive audience prohibited- 14 Charges Total

Police want to encourage citizens to be continue to be vigilant on being aware of their surroundings while driving and walking.  Use crosswalks properly and abide by road signs to ensure safe travel on the streets.