Author Of The Rainbow Bridge Found

If you've lost a pet, you might know this poem.

If you have ever lost a beloved pet, you might be familiar with this poem.

It’s one of those things, that no matter your faith, can bring a tear to your eyes.

This poem seems to have been around forever and a day and no one seems to know who wrote the piece.

Thanks to a tenacious art historian named Paul Koudounaris took it upon himself to find out who wrote The Rainbow Bridge after working on a book about pet cemeteries.

After internet digging, Paul found an 82-year-old Scottish woman named Edna Clyne-Rekhy. The best part is when Paul got Edna on the phone she first asked “How on Earth did you find me!?”

Edna was 19 in 1959 when her pet lab Major died, and her mom encouraged her to write down her feelings.

That was the birth of the Rainbow Bridge.