An Inside Look At Barrie’s Rec Room

You'll be able to collect scene points while you play

Park Place just got a little bit better with the addition of The Barrie Rec Room. I’ve seen this place get built from start to finish and couldn’t be more excited, I’ve been to the one in Edmonton and the first time I went— my friends and I spent 8 hours there.

As soon as you walk in, you see on the right the massive restaurant/bar they have. Room for hundreds of people, TVs everywhere, and even a stage in there. Sporting events, the olympics, UFC Pay Per Views, and even the Oscars are all planned to be on the TVs. You’ll also a notice a stage in there as well where they plan on having comedians come through Barrie, something the city is in need of.

It’s one of those places that photos don’t it justice on just how big it is. Obviously they will have rules in place for the duration of the pandemic but a place with over 30,000 square feet is sure to have lots of room for everyone and smaller wait times for any of the games.

The main gaming area is chock full of arcade games and pretty much everyone you’ve ever heard of. I don’t know if the games are used, but it looks like every single one is brand new — they got a great shine to them. The whole place is licensed as well so you can grab your drink and head out to play the games on the floor.

If you are a little more old fashioned when it comes to gaming — they got that covered too. Pool, bowling, ping pong and shuffleboard.

They also have an impressive prize closet that has everything from candy to ipads and purses. All you need is the bracelet they give you and you’re good to go, no more tickets.

Rec Room @ Park Place opened July 26th.