A New Year Brings New Rules For Drivers

New fees and driving laws in effect



  • drivers now required to remain stopped at a pedestrian or school crossing until the person crossing the street and the school crossing guard are off the roadway; the old rule allowed drivers to proceed once the person crossing and the school crossing guard were no longer on the driver’s half of the roadway
  • pedestrians are prohibited, by law, from entering a crosswalk if a vehicle is too close to stop
  • municipalities have the power to chase out-of-province vehicle owners for certain traffic tickets
  • all insurance companies in Ontario must provide a discount for drivers who buy and install winter tires


  • the annual fee for a vehicle permit, number plate and validation fees for a trailer rises to $59 from $53
  • the annual validation fee for farm vehicles rises from $123 to $140 for smaller vehicles and from $975 to $1,100 for heavier vehicles
  • the penalty applied to unpaid fines under the Provincial Offences Act jumps to $40 from $20
  • new fee of $50 for drivers who must attend demerit point interviews for bad driving; those who don’t pay the fee will have their driver’s licence cancelled