5 Things You Didn’t Know About Courtney Love

In Celebration of Courtney Love's 52nd Birthday

In honour of Courtney Love’s 52 birthday, here are five things you may or may not know about her (…that don’t have anything to do with Kurt Cobain!)

She regrets not marrying her ex-boyfriend, Edward Norton


(Photo by LG via Flickr)

The two met while filming The People vs. Larry Flynt in 1997 and dated for four years. Courtney says she left him for an unnamed bad man who stole all her money and regrets it to this day. But they do maintain a close relationship. He’s godfather to her daughter Frances Bean. In true Courtney Love fashion, she took a swipe at Ed’s girlfriend in 2003, Salma Hayek, saying he’d never marry her because he could “barely understand half of what she’s saying”.


Courtney Love was the lead singer of Faith No More in the early 80’s

She was at a Faith No More concert in San Francisco, and convinced the members to let her join as a singer. They obliged, and recorded some material with her as a vocalist but the band’s keyboardist, Roddy Bottum, wasn’t a fan. He said he wanted “male energy” in the band so she was subsequently kicked out.


Courtney Love saved Chris Rock from getting beaten up after hosting the Academy Awards in 2005


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Chris Rock hosted the Oscars in 2005 and made a crack about Jude Law being in so many movies that year and that he still didn’t understand what the fuss is about. He told Esquire that he ran into him later and they almost got into a fight. “I was sitting with Courtney Love, and she might’ve saved me from a fight. I’m not going to say ass-whipping, because I don’t think there’d be an ass-whipping. But you never know….Courtney kind of barked, or was growling, and that was it.”


She first tried Heroine at Charlie Sheen’s house


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Not really surprising, considering both Charlie Sheen and Courtney Love have unraveled in the public eye. She revealed that her addiction to Heroine started back in the 90’s at one of his star-studded parties. “Tom Cruise was there, and Madonna … [singer Jennifer Linch] convinced me to shoot up. ‘Come on, everyone’s doing it.’ So that’s when my whole heroin drama began.”

She claimed to have found the missing Malaysia Airlines jet

After she saw an article asking people to help search for the jet online, she decided to give it a shot. She then uploaded a picture to Facebook  with the caption “I’m no expert but up close this does look like a plane and an oil slick… prayers go out to the families
Main image via Ted Van Pelt