3 More Things to Do, For Free!

Free you say? I'm in!

Previously I wrote a blog about 3 places I enjoy going for pleasure and for the fact that I can pay absolutely nothing! Today, I continue that list !

3. Innisfil’s Thornton-Cookstown Trans Canada Trail

I know…. That’s a lot of town names in one, but it is seriously amazing! I walk dogs on this constantly and they really really enjoy it! If mans best friends likes it, man will as well!

2. Any Forest Along 93/Penetanguishene Road

Along 93, there is a ton of official Simcoe Forest trails, they are absolutely beautiful and are worth the little drive ! Give yourself a little extra time to explore the sights and get away from the busy roadways. Nature is best when you can’t hear anything!

1. Mono Cliffs/Boyne River Valley

Look, I’m very bias… I absolutely adore this area and I really wish more people would check it out.