2020 Journey to Diversity Workplaces AGM (Online)

Journey to Diversity Workplaces is Barrie, Ontario-based federally chartered non-profit.

Join us on Thursday 14 May 2020 @ 8 pm EDT on Google Meet.
We’ll discuss some business and hear from TWO amazing speakers!

For full details and to register visit https://j2dw.co/2XdNv9r

Shantera Chatman

As a woman of color (sic), Shantera Chatman has chosen to blaze her own trail as she became a successful transformation consultant and community leader. From the moment she earned her degree as a member of the first graduating class of Information and Operations Management at Texas A&M University, to the beginning of her stellar career at NASA as well as founding The Chatman Women’s Foundation in Houston, Texas, Shantera developed a set of guiding principles that made her successful at many Fortune 500 companies. She is now ready to share those principles to empower others.

Topic: Becoming A Transformative Ally

In this presentation, Shantera will share the key principles of the Transformative Ally Framework©, focusing mainly on the core area of Advocacy. Through catalytic storytelling and an interactive presentation, participants will leave with an understanding of the importance of advocacy and concrete next steps they can take to be a better advocate in their organization.

Jesus “Eddie” Campa

Jesus E. Campa is currently serving as the Executive Director for the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training for the State of Oklahoma. He was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. He has over 27 years of continuing law enforcement experience serving as a Chief of Police on two different occasions. As a result of his last tour as Chief of Police in a city impacted by racial divisions, he created and implemented the innovative No Colors No Labels Initiative designed to remove the preconceived notion that the Police were racially motivated. NCNL provided a safe community for all citizens. In 2017 he was named Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian of the Year by the NAACP. He is a leader who believes in diversity and that a workforce should mirror the community they serve. He holds a master’s degree in Criminal Justice and Security Administration and is currently working on a PH.D. in Public Service Leadership. He is a strong supporter and believer of 21st Century Policing, Procedural Justice, and an active supporter of Prison Reform. He is the owner of both Americas Best Strategic Security Group and Leading Through Adversity.