[PODCAST] Take Two with the Rock 95 Morning Crew

Welcome to Take Two, the podcast that brings you more of the laughs, insights, and humour you love from the Rock 95 Morning Crew. Join hosts Craig, Bryan and MJ as they expand into a brand new podcasting adventure.

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Every week, Take Two delivers a fresh take on the world’s most talked-about topics in “Craig’s List.” Whether it’s the latest in pop culture, trending news, or bizarre internet phenomena, Craig, Bryan and MJ dive deep into the conversation, dissecting it with their signature wit and charm.

Take Two isn’t just a podcast; it’s a hangout session with your favorite morning show crew. Expect hilarious anecdotes, candid discussions, and the kind of banter that makes your morning commute or workout fly by.

Join us for a weekly dose of laughter, entertainment, and the latest happenings on Take Two.

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