Rock 95’s Rock Paper Scissors Throw Down

It’s the event you’ve spent years practicing for that requires absolutely no skill at all… It all comes down to just one decision. Rock.. paper… or scissors. Choose wisely because it could win you $2,500

Brought to you by:

Rock 95 is teaming up with The Canadian Brewhouse to give you the sporting event of the year – Rock 95’s Rock Paper Scissors Throw Down, where you could win $2,500!! 

Be listening for your chance to win your way into the tournament weekdays at 9am, 2pm, and 5pm. Winners will join us on The Canadian Brewhouse Rooftop Patio for the chance to walk away with $2,500! For a bonus chance, you can also qualify for the event by going to The Canadian Brewhouse and receive a ballot with your purchase.

Everyone in attendance will have the chance to win a pair of ROCK 95 Birthday Bash Passes. 

Rock 95’s Rock Paper Scissors Throw Down …brought to you by The Canadian Brewhouse – Only on Barrie’s Rock Station. Rock 95