Rock 95’s Rock Paper Scissors Invitational

It’s the event you’ve spent years practicing for that requires absolutely no skill at all… It all comes down to just one decision. Rock.. paper… or scissors. Choose wisely because it could win you $2,500

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The Rock 95 Rock Paper Scissors Invitationals is back!  64 symbol pointer posing warriors will go hand to hand in an ultimate elimination style bracket tournament of fists. Wanna try your hand at it?  Be listening to Rock 95 every weekday at 9am, 2pm and 5pm during the month of August to call in and earn your spot on the bracket, and your chance to win $2,500!

Bonus chances available in-person at The Canadian Brewhouse. Receive a ballot with your purchase throughout the month of August!

The Rock 95 Rock Paper Scissors Invitational on the rooftop patio of The Canadian Brew House on Friday September 8th, powered by Simply Spiked Lemonade….It’s getting juicey and only on Barrie’s Rock Station. Rock 95.

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