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Rock 95's 5th Annual Roof Rescue

Rock 95 Roof Rescue

Win Someone a $15,000 Roof Rescue Just By Nominating Them!

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Ainger Group Roofing

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Congratulations to our winner Fran Lafreniere of Barrie the winner of the 5th Annual Roof Rescue contest!

The Morning Crew called to tell her the good news!

We all know a community hero … someone who quietly makes our world a better place. And we think it’s time to let them know just how much we appreciate them!

Rock 95 and Ainger Group Roofing and Exteriors present the 5th Annual Rock 95 Roof Rescue!

We want to give the hero in your life a fully installed Owens Corning shingle roof valued at up to $15,000!

They could be a friend, family member, co-worker, neighbour, or neighbour’s neighbour.

Fill out the form below and nominate them by telling us what makes them so bleeping awesome! Sing their praises! Shout it from the brand new rooftop!

The Rock 95 Roof Rescue is brought to you by Ainger Group Roofing and Exteriors – Badass Community. Done Right.

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 Last Year's 4th Annual Roof Rescue Winner

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