Rock 95’s Secret Sound Contest

It’ll change the way you look at things... it will change the way you hear the world... it might even drive you a little crazy…. but it could win you $10,000

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She won $10,000 for guessing “inserting batteries into a TV channel changer”

Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound contest is back, with an all-new sound and lots of chances to win!

Think you know what the Secret Sound is?

Listen for the cue to call for your chance to guess, and win! We’ll be giving you 13 chances every weekday, from 7 am, up to (and including) 7 pm. After hearing the cue, make sure you’re the 9th caller through at 705-721-7625 to play!

The pot will start at $100. For each incorrect guess, we’ll be adding another $25 to the pot! (Up to $10,000!)

We want you to win, so make sure your guess hasn’t been tried yet! Just to help you out, we’ll be keeping track of all incorrect guesses below.

Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound contest is brought to you by Simcoe Audio VideoBarrie’s premier audio video destination with sound advice, for the right price.

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Secret Sound #4
The Secret Sound was made using an object from this picture
We’ve eliminated some of the common guesses from the picture …

See all the incorrect guesses below:

CONGRATULATIONS to ASHLEY SITKO! She won $10,000 for guessing “inserting batteries into a TV channel changer”

Pulling the tab on a can up, pulling the lid back and taking the lid off

Opening a peppermint container getting out a mint, and closing it

Wrapping an elastic around a bundle of envelopes, wrapping it around again again and letting the elastic go

Cocking a dart gun, shooting a dart, re-cocking and shooting a blank

Opening the latch on a secure box, opening the case & then closing it again

Using a 3 hole punch on a bunch of paper, pushing it down, and then letting it back up

Taking the bottom off 3 hole punch, emptying it , & putting it back on

On a ghettoblaster, pushing the eject button on the CD and pushing it back down, then pushing the eject on a cassette and pushing it back in

Pressing rewind or fast forward on a cassette or boom box and it pops back up because it can’t go any farther

Pressing the eject button on the cassette player, door opening taking the tape out, turning it around, and closing the cassette player door

Opening an old school flip phone, extending the antenna and closing the phone

Pushing a stapler down through a stack of paper and releasing it

Opening a tape player on a boombox and closing opening a cd player and closing it on the same boombox

Clearing a jammed staple out of a staple gun

Extending & retracting a retractable paint scraper

Plugging a microphone into an adapter and plugging that into an amp or speaker

Hitting the eject on a cassette deck, taking out or putting in a cassette and closing the door

Putting batteries into a wireless mouse and closing the door

Taking the cap off a dry-erase marker and putting it back on

Opening a can with a manual can opener

Putting batteries in a micro cassette recorder and then closing the battery compartment

Opening and closing the latch on a metal case

Putting an elastic band over a rolled-up piece of Bristol Board

Pulling out the loading mechanism on a staple gun mechanism, closing the mechanism, and pulling the trigger

Closing a binder, and then opening it back up again

Opening a can of cat food with a pull tab, taking off the lid and putting it down

Slowly opening a can of Morning Crew Brew

Cocking a toy gun, loading it, and firing it

Closing a set of prongs

Wrapping an elastic band around envelopes a couple  of times

Loading a plastic dart into a spring-loaded dart gun and shooting it

Cocking a trigger-fired staple gun and firing it

Pressing down on the middle of a lid of a jar, and letting it pop back up

Taking the top off a French coffee press, putting it back on and pressing down the filter

Taking a micro-cassette, closing the door, hitting record and then hitting stop

Opening the lid of a portable CD player, taking the CD out, putting the CD in the player, and closing the lid

Opening a three-ring binder using the tabs at the ends, taking out a piece of paper, and then closing it

Opening & closing a folding utility knife by pressing lock release button, and then repeat

Loading a staple gun with the staples, closing it, & firing it into the wall to hang up a picture

A balloon being snapped back, and then released

Opening an old voice recorder, flipping the tape around and closing the case

Resetting an overloaded home circuit breaker by turning it off and turning it back on again

Pulling the steel mechanism on a stapler and pushing it all together to make it fire

Opening a pocket watch, making an adjustment, closing the cover and setting it down

Opening a Keurig, taking the old pod out, putting a new one in and closing it

Push the cd open button and then push the cassette open button

Putting rechargeable batteries into a charger and pulling the spring back

Taking a piece of gum out of the foil package, closing the sleeve, and then dropping the gum on the counter

Opening the door to a cassette deck, popping the tape in, closing the door, pressing play & letting the button pop back up

Sliding out the blade of a utility knife and then retracting it

A retractable multi-head screwdriver

Popping the tab on a can of dog food, peeling it back, and popping it off

Stopwatch timer ticking, being stopped and reset

Reloading a stapler and stapling paper

Pulling the tab forward on a can of pop to open the can and then pushing the tab back

Pulling the straw off a juice box, taking off the wrapper and inserting it into the juice box

Opening the bottom part of a stapler and closing it and then opening the top part of a stapler and closing it

Resetting the breaker on the fuse panel

Opening a tape deck, taking the tape out, flipping it around and closing the tape deck

Loading and shooting an airsoft gun

Loading an electric staple gun and firing it on a piece of wood

A memory card being inserted into a camcorder, then pushing down on it to take it back out

An old-style answering machine with the little tape, taking it out, flipping it over, & putting it back

Scrolling down to a desktop calendar and clicking to open it

Using a remote control to open and close the car door

Loading a plastic dart gun toy with a dart and firing it

Chopping a vegetable on a glass cutting board

Opening a stapler, loading the stapler, closing and then pressing down

Opening the front of a trail camera, turning it on, closing it, and snapping the side shut

Cocking an air gun and pulling the trigger

Opening the dustbin on a canister vacuum

Kicking down the kickstand on a bike, and kicking it back up

Pushing the button to start a washing machine and hearing the door lock

Setting the timer on a smoker and then closing the lid

Pushing the Staples “That Was Easy” button before you hear the recording

Putting coins in the pay slots of a washer or dryer and then pushing it in

Putting the tape through a label maker and putting on a letter and advancing the tape

Taking the gas nozzle out of the pump and putting it into the gas tank

Using a keypad to unlock a deadbolt lock on a door and then hitting the enter key to lock it again

Opening a clamshell DVD case, taking out the disc and closing it back up

Flicking a light switch on and off

Getting into your recliner and pulling the lever back to recline

Putting utensils into a drawer and closing the drawer

Loading a label cartridge into a P-Touch brother label maker

Using an automatic shoe-covering machine

Picking up a corded phone receiver and placing it back down in its cradle

Unfolding a smaller telescope and clicking it into place, then clicking it to fold it back up

Putting down a kickstand on a bicycle and putting it back up

Lowering metal blinds

Triggering the ball in the pop-and-catch game and catching it with the cone

Tonearm on a record player returning from the end of an album and going back to its resting spot

Cutting a piece of rope with a knife

Replacing batteries in a remote control and then closing the plastic backing

Loading, operating and playing a BetaMax player

A metal lunchbox opening

Opening a stapler, adding staples, closing the stapler, and stapling pages together.

Clicking the left and right buttons of a computer mouse

Opening the plastic packaging of a baked good from a bakery, using the buttons in the corners

The sounds of the end of a washing machine cycle

Unlatching the stall door in a public bathroom and then closing it & locking it

Taking the blade off of a dog grooming clipper and putting on a new one

Opening, lighting and closing a zippo and putting it down

Opening the Keurig machine, putting in the pod and closing the machine

A Ramset hammer with a single shot .22 calibre loaded in

Taking out a coil burner out of a stove, cleaning it and putting it back in

An electric glue gun

The anti-car theft device, “the Club”

Loading film into a 35mm camera & shutting the door

Loading a skeet machine for skeet shooting and then letting it fly

Opening an oven door, putting in a baking sheet, and closing the door

Opening a can of sardines

Opening a pocketknife to a locking position, unlocking it and closing

Removing a spring loaded toilet paper holder and putting back

Taking out a VHS tape from a VCR and setting it down

Spring loaded credit card machine ejecting the credit card and pushing it back into it

Kicking the snow off the heel of your boots

Loading a plastic dart into a spring loaded dart gun

Putting a food processor together

Sticking a magnet to something metal

A Pop Matic from Trouble

Opening a child-lock prescription pill bottle

A pet treat launcher

Rewinding or resetting the outgoing voice message of an old-fashioned answering machine

Putting the mechanism from the grocery shopping cart ahead into yours to get your loonie back

Loading a hand-held rivet gun and pressing the trigger

A smartphone case

Opening a bottle with a bottle opener

Two people playing speed chess moving pieces and hitting the timer

Using a can opener to open one side of the can and then the other

Filling and emptying an old metal ice cube tray

A long-necked igniter/lighter for lighting a gas stove, clicking on and then shutting it off

Screwing your car’s gas cap back on and shutting the door

Opening a can of NON-carbonated beverage, and then pulling off the tab

Opening & closing a spring-loaded cake pan

Using an old car jack

Opening a ratchet strap and closing the handle back down

Opening and closing a drawer with a slow closing mechanism

Opening a can with a manual can opener

Turning a Rubik’s cube and putting it down

A nutcracker cracking nuts

Adjusting an office chair

An old carousel slide projector

Opening & closing a sliding phone

Plugging in a patch cord for a guitar amp

Pressing the button on a manual counter, resetting it, and then pressing the counter again

Opening a CD case, taking out the CD, putting it back in, and closing the case

Breaking the tab off an aluminum can

Combination lock dialling it, opening it and closing it

Putting a bank card into an ATM machine and pulling it back out

Using a cigar cutter to cut a cigar

Taking a cassette out of a case and putting back in and closing it

Plugging in a cigarette lighter and having it pop back out

Spinning a fidget spinner around a couple of times and then stopping it

Wrapping an elastic band around a bag of chips

A leather punch

Putting earbuds back in their case

Using an ice cream scoop with the connected attachment to drop it

Tying a knot in a balloon

Replacing the toothbrush attachment on an electric toothbrush

Cocking and shooting a nerf gun

Putting a cassette into a tape deck and hitting the play

Downhill ski boots snapping into the binding

Opening and closing an egg slicer

unlocking and locking your car door

Vise grips/ Locking Pliers

Locking a spring-loaded lock on a patio door and then unlocking it

An exacto knife or box cutter

A magnetic touch-latch, like on a cabinet door

Pushing on a toothpick dispenser taking out the toothpick and releasing 

Punching into a workplace timeclock

Opening and closing a filing cabinet

Lifting the tape up to pull it out of the dispenser, then pulling it out and snapping it off by pulling it down

Twisting and unscrewing the plastic cap to break the seal and open a plastic bottle

Unclicking your seatbelt, opening your door, getting out and closing your door

Turning the dial on a safe

Taking the back off a remote control and then putting it back on

Opening and closing a dishwasher

Turning and unturning an office door handle

Pushing a slinky over a surface

Using a sticker gun to price an item

Opening a camcorder and replacing the tape, closing the door again

Clicking to the next picture on a Viewmaster and putting it in focus

Opening a 3-ring bind with the top and bottom tabs and closing it with the snaps

Opening a pop can

Opening and closing your glove box

Changing the gears on a mountain bike

Locking and unlocking a bicycle U-Lock

Using a nutcracker to crack a nut, then turning the nut around, and cracking it again

Opening & closing a Nespresso machine

Opening & closing a microwave door

The clock mechanism in a clock tower

Opening a pack of glow sticks and snapping them

Peeling off the protective tab of an ink cartridge and putting it into the printer

Opening a heavy-duty construction stapler, inserting staples and firing the first shot

Slicing a potato or other vegetable with a mandolin slicer

A remote control, taking off the back putting the batteries into the remote control and then closing the back

Replacing an ink cartridge in a printer and closing the door

Releasing a hand-held parking break in your car

Opening and closing a panini press

A tie-wrap gun

Inserting a floppy disc into a computer

Fastening and unfastening a seatbelt

The lever on a set of metal tongs being pushed in to release the tongs, before test clicking them

A wine bottle opener

Loading, setting and firing an ear-piercing gun

Pushing down the bubble in the game of trouble and letting it back up to roll the dice

Closing the lid and shutting the clasps on a metal lunchbox

Opening up a stapler all the way and snapping it closed 

Squeezing and releasing a handle on an extension grabber

Pushing the button to change the CD in a multi-CD player

Starting and stopping a stopwatch

Opening a smoke detector, changing the battery and closing it back up

The device that loads tobacco into empty cigarette tubes

The cash register spring-loaded clip that holds the money down

Shooting a bug assault gun, that shoots salt at flies

Opening and closing the glove compartment in a car

Pushing down to turn on a battery dollar store light

Opening a discman, putting a cd inside and closing it     

Opening a closing a fishing reel with an open bale

Aluminum can squisher

Tightening an elastic band around a rolled up paper

Changing the toilet paper in a spring loaded toilet paper holder

Setting a mousetrap and having it go off

Opening and closing a tin of mints

An electrical outlet timer

Snapping cycling shoes into pedals of a bike

A pez dispenser, dispensing candy

Turning and clicking the washing machine dial to the right cycle and pulling out the activator

Opening and closing the ashtray in an old classic car

Squeezing a pop rivet gun 

Opening and closing the Sony Discman

Binder clips

Opening up an aluminum ladder and pushing down the paint tray

Using a three-hole binder punch, opening a 3 ring binder, putting paper in the binder, and closing the rings.

Taking a cassette out of the case, and putting it into a stereo tape deck.

An electronic deadbolt locking

Swiping an old-style credit card machine with the card and the transfer paper

Opening a carton of milk and pulling out the plastic tab

Inserting a bank card into an ATM and pulling it back out

Replacing a game cartridge on a Nintendo Switch

Opening and closing a suitcase

Putting on or taking off rubber latex gloves

Attaching the Nintendo Switch controllers and putting it on the docking station

Putting an elastic around envelopes twice

Opening and closing the center console of your car

Putting down a door stopper and lifting it back up

Changing cartridge in an automatic air freshener

Tripping a fuse and flicking it back on


Clicking an electric kettle on and off

Starting a game of perfection

Loading a stapler, closing it and stapling a letter

Gun-spraying caulking foam

Cutting a zip tie off a package

Clicking through a Viewmaster

Using a bedazzler

An ear thermometer

Using a three-hole punch, clearing out the debris, and then setting it down

Changing the bit in a multi-use screwdriver

Pushing down the lever on a toaster and then pulling it up again

Pressing a key on an old-fashioned typewriter

Putting a coin in a pinball machine and releasing the ball with the plunger

Loading up an action figure and firing from it

An old-school polaroid camera shaking the picture after taking a picture

Working sounds from a vinyl record playing turntable

Dialling a number using an old style push button phone

In the game Pie Face when you pull back the hand and release it

(A kickstand type doorstop) bringing it down and lifting it back up

Opening a hand sanitizer and closing it

An old-fashioned lint brush that you click the button to make it reversible

Opening & closing a cassette deck, then pressing play, before pressing stop

Pulling the cord of a ceiling fan to get through the settings to the highest one

Opening, sliding sideways and then pushing downward a lock on a fence

Opening and closing the lid of a reusable water bottle

Using a clay pigeon launcher

Winding up a Jack-In-The-Box toy, popping and putting it back in the box

Clipping a paper into a clipboard

Taking out the used toilet paper roll and replacing it with the spring-loaded roller

Clicking an old-style 4 colour BIC pen one colour and then clicking to another colour

A cone-shaped cage with a ball toy

Unlatching an old-school mason jar and re-latching it

Stapling a paper product using a hand-held staple gun

Using a tagging gun from retail

Leaning back in an office chair

An old-fashioned clock that you have to open the door and wind with a key

An old-school pocket watch you have to flip open

Loading and shooting one of those sticky-ended rubber dart guns

Opening a closing a binder by the tabs

Pushing the button and extending the handle on a suitcase

Walking on ice

Popping off the blade of a fusion razor and putting on a new blade

Taking old batteries out and putting new ones into a tv converter

Turning the knob on a desk lamp on and off

Cocking and releasing a desoldering pump

Opening and closing a staple gun cartridge

A mechanical ice cream scoop

A handheld tally counter like an umpire would use

Opening up the lid on your Timmies cup

Crushing an aluminum can

Using your tongue inside your mouth to make the noise

Opening a tin can with the pull tab, peeling it back and snapping off the lid

Breaking a stalk of celery

An electric staple gun

Opening a can, rocking the tab back and forth, and then popping the tab off

Unscrewing the cap of a liquor bottle and putting it down on the table

Reloading a bullet in an ammunition press

Pulling the lever down on a button maker and snapping a button together

Using a chess clock after a turn

Pressing a pen, then decompressing it, and pressing it again

Opening and closing a medical first aid kit

A 3M sticky hook being pulled off the wall

A film camera taking a picture, and winding to the next one

A slide projector clicking a slide in and out

Using an egg punch to open the bottom of an egg

Opening and closing a baby gate

Opening and closing shears for gardening

Cutting with tinsnips

Opening a Rolodex, selecting a letter and closing it

Pulling out a tape measure and retracting it

Loading a desktop stapler with staples and closing it

A pinball loading into the machine launcher and being launched

Adjusting the thermostat until it clicks by going past the current temperature

Opening a can of ravioli and then setting it down on the counter

Arming a crossbow, and then firing it

Opening and closing an umbrella

Using a self inking date stamper

Pulling up the windshield wiper and slapping it back down to back off the snow/ice

Putting a coin in a claw vending machine

The ticking of an analog clock

Pulling the tab and opening a mini tin can with the ring

Extending a snowbrush

Locking a hotel room door, and sliding the chain across

A metal food storage container with a clasp

Tripping and resetting a GFI receptacle

Opening a garbage can by stepping on the foot pedal, and then letting it close again

Switching between settings on an eye exam machine

Opening up a mint tin, taking out a mint and closing it back up

Taking the batteries out of a computer mouse

Putting in a USB drive into its plug and taking it out again

Pressing the ignitor button on a BBQ

Opening and closing a footrest in a lazyboy recliner

Paper being stamped in a paper hole punch

Buckling and unbuckling a seat belt

Opening and closing a filing cabinet

Taking off a Tupperware container lid and putting it back on

Cocking and firing a BB Gun

Putting a key in a lock, unlocking it, and relock it

Flipping open and closed a flip phone

The manual starter switch of a furnace valve

Opening & closing an old-fashioned briefcase

Unfolding and then refolding an aluminum lawn chair

A manual weed remover you clamp over the weed and step on to lift

The rotary switch on a lamp

Pushing the button on a pop-up water bottle so the lid pops up and then closing the lid again

Changing the battery pack on a cordless drill

Scissors cutting paper

Cracking an egg, emptying the egg out and putting the shell in a bowl

A retractable dog leash

A gun used to pierce ears

An applicator used to tag sheep or other animals for identification

Opening a CD player, popping out a CD, putting in another & closing it back up

Opening a pez dispenser, taking out the candy and closing it again

Pulling out a staple using a staple remover

Sliding a crumb catcher and putting back into a toaster

Pressing play, stop, then eject, and pushing in the cassette holder on a boombox

Pulling the arm on a slot machine or one armed bandit

A nail clipper

A spring loaded pop-up toy

Removing an attachment from the vacuum and putting on a new one

Opening a container, putting it in the microwave, and closing the door

Opening and closing handcuffs

Loading and shooting a toy cap gun

Taking a CD out of the tray and putting it back in

Picking up a roll of scotch tape, pulling off a piece and putting it down

Popping a gum out of the sealed pack

Taking out the paper tray of a printer, filling it and putting it into a printer

Inserting an 8-track tape

Loading and shooting a hot wheels car

Sliding a VHS tape into a VCR

Using your key to open the mailbox

Opening a closing a switchblade knife

Peeling back and removing the tin lid on a Del Monte Fruit cup

Using a manual can opener and setting it down on the counter

Pressing the buttons on a tape recorder

Using a hand-held can opener to open both sides of something

Opening an office stapler, pulling the spring back, and then snapping it closed again

Opening dental floss, pulling out a piece, and cutting it off with the metal part

Changing a disc in a jukebox

Changing drill bits, taking one out of the drill and putting another in

Opening, taking out sunglasses from the sunglass compartment in a car and closing it again

Replacing a coffee pod in a one-cup coffee machine like a Keurig

Turning a Rubik’s cube

Using a hand-held label maker

Opening then closing the rings on a three-ring binder

A price gun

A pair of locking pliers clamping down on two pieces of wood

Opening a can of sardines

Putting a new battery in a flashlight, and then closing the end of it

Loading & shooting a BB gun

Clicking a caulking gun

Changing the battery in a smoke alarm

Clicking the automatic rejection or return button on a turntable

Opening, loading and closing a polaroid instamatic camera

Opening and closing a flip key for the car

Flicking a breaker on/off

Opening and closing scissors

Clacking your tongue

A BBQ Lighter

Clicking a pen on and off

Opening and closing a CD case

Lancet for testing blood

Opening Venetian blinds

Doing up the two buckles on a ski boot

Buckling and unbuckling a seat belt

Putting film in an old-style camera and advancing the film, closing the shutter cover

Clamping down a pressure cooker or crock pot

Putting a coin in a parking meter

Sliding the scorekeeper piece in a game of billiards

Opening & closing the deadbolt on a door

Using an ice pick to chip away at the ice

Pulling a chain on a lamp and releasing it

Opening a toast oven sliding the tray and closing the door

Opening a can of Pringles

Pulling a chain on a lamp and releasing it

Opening a can of cat food

Putting a coin in a vending machine, making a selection, and the candy falling into the chute

Loading and shooting a Staple gun

Opening and Closing a clipboard

Loading, cocking, and firing a nerf gun

A record player’s needle raising and then switching records

Putting an elastic band around a file folder & snapping it

Loading, cocking, and then shooting a pellet gun

Opening, striking, then closing a zippo lighter

Slipping ski boots into bindings on skis

Ejecting a cassette tape, flipping it over and putting it back in

Loading and shooting an air gun

Opening, loading and closing a nail gun

Opening a stapler, loading it and closing it 

Refilling a printer ink cartridge

Putting a cassette tape into a walkman/cassette player and closing the door

Putting a coin in a gumball machine, turning the dial and the gumball dropping

Unlocking a briefcase

Cutting bristle board with scissors, and then letting them drop

Opening up a single-use coffee maker (Keurig), switching out the pod/disc and shutting it again

White correction tape

Putting a coin in a jukebox and a song being selected

Using a key to unlock a padlock and open it

Taking a cassette out of the case

Automatic baseball pitcher

Loading a viewmaster and clicking the next slide

A self-inking stamp

Putting change in a coin bank

Opening and closing the back of a TV remote

Opening, loading, and then using a Pez dispenser

Opening up a cassette player & putting in a cassette tape, before closing it

Putting a key into a lock and unlocking the door

Taking the lid off a sour cream container & removing the film, before putting the lid back on

Using a staple remover

Combination safe with a deadlock

Hole punch punching

A putting machine

Opening a can

Opening and closing the door latch to the office

A hole punch

Cocking and loading a dart gun

Opening the tab on a pop or beer can

Closing a three-ring binder

Pulling open a can of soup with pull tab

Clicking a BIC pen up and down

Popping the top off something

Using a stapler

An old-school punch clock

A stapler

Opening a pop or beer can

Replacing Batteries

Opening & closing a zippo lighter

An old screen door opening & closing

Setting a mouse trap

Closing a stapler

Snapping the elastic on the plastic bag you put on the end of unused cheese

Secret Sound #3

Opening & closing an exacto knife was guessed by Michelle Black for $250!

See all the incorrect guesses below:

A new years eve noisemaker being twirled

A Windup toy

Tie strap ratcheting

Ratcheting up a snowboard binding

A ratchet

Secret Sound #2

Test clicking a set of tongs was guessed by Billy-Jo Jenkins and she won $225 for being correct

See all the incorrect guesses below:

A Ping Pong ball going into a Red Solo cup

A clock

Hammering a nail

Pressing keys on a keyboard

Using a knife on the lid of a jar

Secret Sound #1

Dropping Thumb Tacks was guessed by Katie Milne and she won $275 for being correct

See all the incorrect guesses below:

Dropping Monopoly pieces onto the board

Dropping your change on the counter top

Dropping LEGO pieces onto a table

Dropping change into change jar

Pouring out nuts and bolts on a counter to find the one you need

Dropping poker chips

Turning a coin into a gumball machine