Rock 95’s Secret Sound Contest

It’ll change the way you look at things... it will change the way you hear the world... it might even drive you a little crazy…. but it could win you $10,000

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Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound contest is back, with an all-new sound and lots of chances to win!

Think you know what the Secret Sound is?

Listen for the cue to call for your chance to guess, and win! We’ll be giving you 13 chances every weekday, from 7am, up to (and including) 7pm. After hearing the cue, make sure you’re the 9th caller through at 705-721-7625 to play!

The pot will start at $100. For each incorrect guess, we’ll be adding another $25 to the pot!(Up to $10,000!)

We want you to win, so make sure your guess hasn’t been tried yet! Just to help you out, we’ll be keeping track of all incorrect guesses below.

Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound contest is brought to you by Simcoe Audio Video….Barrie’s premier audio video destination with sound advice, for the right price.

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Secret Sound #4

See all the incorrect guesses below:

A mechanical ice cream scoop

A handheld tally counter like an umpire would use

Opening up the lid on your Timmies cup

Crushing an aluminum can

Using your tongue inside your mouth to make the noise

Opening a tin can with the pull tab, peeling it back and snapping off the lid

Breaking a stalk of celery

An electric staple gun

Opening a can, rocking the tab back and forth, and then popping the tab off

Unscrewing the cap of a liquor bottle and putting it down on the table

Reloading a bullet in an ammunition press

Pulling the lever down on a button maker and snapping a button together

Using a chess clock after a turn

Pressing a pen, then decompressing it, and pressing it again

Opening and closing a medical first aid kit

A 3M sticky hook being pulled off the wall

A film camera taking a picture, and winding to the next one

A slide projector clicking a slide in and out

Using an egg punch to open the bottom of an egg

Opening and closing a baby gate

Opening and closing shears for gardening

Cutting with tinsnips

Opening a Rolodex, selecting a letter and closing it

Pulling out a tape measure and retracting it

Loading a desktop stapler with staples and closing it

A pinball loading into the machine launcher and being launched

Adjusting the thermostat until it clicks by going past the current temperature

Opening a can of ravioli and then setting it down on the counter

Arming a crossbow, and then firing it

Opening and closing an umbrella

Using a self inking date stamper

Pulling up the windshield wiper and slapping it back down to back off the snow/ice

Putting a coin in a claw vending machine

The ticking of an analog clock

Pulling the tab and opening a mini tin can with the ring

Extending a snowbrush

Locking a hotel room door, and sliding the chain across

A metal food storage container with a clasp

Tripping and resetting a GFI receptacle

Opening a garbage can by stepping on the foot pedal, and then letting it close again

Switching between settings on an eye exam machine

Opening up a mint tin, taking out a mint and closing it back up

Taking the batteries out of a computer mouse

Putting in a USB drive into its plug and taking it out again

Pressing the ignitor button on a BBQ

Opening and closing a footrest in a lazyboy recliner

Paper being stamped in a paper hole punch

Buckling and unbuckling a seat belt

Opening and closing a filing cabinet

Taking off a Tupperware container lid and putting it back on

Cocking and firing a BB Gun

Putting a key in a lock, unlocking it, and relock it

Flipping open and closed a flip phone

The manual starter switch of a furnace valve

Opening & closing an old-fashioned briefcase

Unfolding and then refolding an aluminum lawn chair

A manual weed remover you clamp over the weed and step on to lift

The rotary switch on a lamp

Pushing the button on a pop-up water bottle so the lid pops up and then closing the lid again

Changing the battery pack on a cordless drill

Scissors cutting paper

Cracking an egg, emptying the egg out and putting the shell in a bowl

A retractable dog leash

A gun used to pierce ears

An applicator used to tag sheep or other animals for identification

Opening a CD player, popping out a CD, putting in another & closing it back up

Opening a pez dispenser, taking out the candy and closing it again

Pulling out a staple using a staple remover

Sliding a crumb catcher and putting back into a toaster

Pressing play, stop, then eject, and pushing in the cassette holder on a boombox

Pulling the arm on a slot machine or one armed bandit

A nail clipper

A spring loaded pop-up toy

Removing an attachment from the vacuum and putting on a new one

Opening a container, putting it in the microwave, and closing the door

Opening and closing handcuffs

Loading and shooting a toy cap gun

Taking a CD out of the tray and putting it back in

Picking up a roll of scotch tape, pulling off a piece and putting it down

Popping a gum out of the sealed pack

Taking out the paper tray of a printer, filling it and putting it into a printer

Inserting an 8-track tape

Loading and shooting a hot wheels car

Sliding a VHS tape into a VCR

Using your key to open the mailbox

Opening a closing a switchblade knife

Peeling back and removing the tin lid on a Del Monte Fruit cup

Using a manual can opener and setting it down on the counter

Pressing the buttons on a tape recorder

Using a hand-held can opener to open both sides of something

Opening an office stapler, pulling the spring back, and then snapping it closed again

Opening dental floss, pulling out a piece, and cutting it off with the metal part

Changing a disc in a jukebox

Changing drill bits, taking one out of the drill and putting another in

Opening, taking out sunglasses from the sunglass compartment in a car and closing it again

Replacing a coffee pod in a one-cup coffee machine like a Keurig

Turning a Rubik’s cube

Using a hand-held label maker

Opening then closing the rings on a three-ring binder

A price gun

A pair of locking pliers clamping down on two pieces of wood

Opening a can of sardines

Putting a new battery in a flashlight, and then closing the end of it

Loading & shooting a BB gun

Clicking a caulking gun

Changing the battery in a smoke alarm

Clicking the automatic rejection or return button on a turntable

Opening, loading and closing a polaroid instamatic camera

Opening and closing a flip key for the car

Flicking a breaker on/off

Opening and closing scissors

Clacking your tongue

A BBQ Lighter

Clicking a pen on and off

Opening and closing a CD case

Lancet for testing blood

Opening Venetian blinds

Doing up the two buckles on a ski boot

Buckling and unbuckling a seat belt

Putting film in an old-style camera and advancing the film, closing the shutter cover

Clamping down a pressure cooker or crock pot

Putting a coin in a parking meter

Sliding the scorekeeper piece in a game of billiards

Opening & closing the deadbolt on a door

Using an ice pick to chip away at the ice

Pulling a chain on a lamp and releasing it

Opening a toast oven sliding the tray and closing the door

Opening a can of Pringles

Pulling a chain on a lamp and releasing it

Opening a can of cat food

Putting a coin in a vending machine, making a selection, and the candy falling into the chute

Loading and shooting a Staple gun

Opening and Closing a clipboard

Loading, cocking, and firing a nerf gun

A record player’s needle raising and then switching records

Putting an elastic band around a file folder & snapping it

Loading, cocking, and then shooting a pellet gun

Opening, striking, then closing a zippo lighter

Slipping ski boots into bindings on skis

Ejecting a cassette tape, flipping it over and putting it back in

Loading and shooting an air gun

Opening, loading and closing a nail gun

Opening a stapler, loading it and closing it 

Refilling a printer ink cartridge

Putting a cassette tape into a walkman/cassette player and closing the door

Putting a coin in a gumball machine, turning the dial and the gumball dropping

Unlocking a briefcase

Cutting bristle board with scissors, and then letting them drop

Opening up a single-use coffee maker (Keurig), switching out the pod/disc and shutting it again

White correction tape

Putting a coin in a jukebox and a song being selected

Using a key to unlock a padlock and open it

Taking a cassette out of the case

Automatic baseball pitcher

Loading a viewmaster and clicking the next slide

A self-inking stamp

Putting change in a coin bank

Opening and closing the back of a TV remote

Opening, loading, and then using a Pez dispenser

Opening up a cassette player & putting in a cassette tape, before closing it

Putting a key into a lock and unlocking the door

Taking the lid off a sour cream container & removing the film, before putting the lid back on

Using a staple remover

Combination safe with a deadlock

Hole punch punching

A putting machine

Opening a can

Opening and closing the door latch to the office

A hole punch

Cocking and loading a dart gun

Opening the tab on a pop or beer can

Closing a three-ring binder

Pulling open a can of soup with pull tab

Clicking a BIC pen up and down

Popping the top off something

Using a stapler

An old-school punch clock

A stapler

Opening a pop or beer can

Replacing Batteries

Opening & closing a zippo lighter

An old screen door opening & closing

Setting a mouse trap

Closing a stapler

Snapping the elastic on the plastic bag you put on the end of unused cheese

Secret Sound #3

Opening & closing an exacto knife was guessed by Michelle Black for $250!

See all the incorrect guesses below:

A new years eve noisemaker being twirled

A Windup toy

Tie strap ratcheting

Ratcheting up a snowboard binding

A ratchet

Secret Sound #2

Test clicking a set of tongs was guessed by Billy-Jo Jenkins and she won $225 for being correct

See all the incorrect guesses below:

A Ping Pong ball going into a Red Solo cup

A clock

Hammering a nail

Pressing keys on a keyboard

Using a knife on the lid of a jar

Secret Sound #1

Dropping Thumb Tacks was guessed by Katie Milne and she won $275 for being correct

See all the incorrect guesses below:

Dropping Monopoly pieces onto the board

Dropping your change on the counter top

Dropping LEGO pieces onto a table

Dropping change into change jar

Pouring out nuts and bolts on a counter to find the one you need

Dropping poker chips

Turning a coin into a gumball machine