Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound

Think You Know What It Is? Try Your Luck and Maybe Win $10,000!

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It’s Rock 95’s Secret Sound Contest where you could win up to $10,000!

All you have to do – is be listening for your cue to call, identify the secret sound, and WIN!

We’ll be giving you 13 chances every weekday, between 7am-7pm, to play. Make sure you’re the 9th caller through at 705-721-7625 when you hear it to play.

The pot will start at $300. For every wrong answer we’ll add another $25 to the pot, up to $10,000!

Be listening for your chance to WIN Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound Contest brought to you Lake Simcoe Heating and Airclick – only on Barrie’s Rock Station, Rock 95.

Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound Contest Rules and Regulations

Rock 95 Secret Sound #12

See all the guesses below:

A Stapler

Latching a Deadbolt

Shuffling A Deck of Cards

Flipping Over a Box of Kraft Dinner or Smarties

A door locking

Retracting a measuring tape

Briefcase unsnapping

Lighting a match

Nail gun going off

Rolling dice

Closing a glove box

The plastic Tab on a Tim Horton’s Cup

A car-door lock

3-Ring Binder Closing

Pressing a Key On a Typewriter

Opening a can of pop

A ball point pen

Camera shutter releasing

Toaster popping

Balloon snapping

Turning off an iphone or smartphone

Seatbelt locking

A Pricing Gun

A Microwave Door latch

Loading the spindle of a sewing machine

Cutting a piece of celery or onion

When you’re wrapping Christmas presents and you use that roll of tape and you pull that tape out and rip the tape off

Punching a hole in paper with a hole punch

Camera click

Staple gun stapling

Sound of a slap chop

Ticking clock

Nerf gun firing

Opening a non-carbonate can

Velcro Ripping

Light Switch flipping on or off

A Microwave Door closing

A tic tac or a piece of gum coming out of a plastic container

A breaker switch flipping

Shaking a container of toothpicks

A magnet being tossed onto a magnetized surface

Automatic apartment door lock opening

BBQ Igniter

Sound of ice cubes cracking in the tray

Opening a microwave door

Personalized stamper

A Cassette Tape Stopping

Unplugging Headphones

Pulling a cheque out of a cheque-book

Fan Switch over the stove clicking on or off

Crushing a Can

Flicking of a Lighter

Ripping off a band aid

Opening or closing of blinds or shutters

Concert tickets being pulled apart

A lock clicking open or shut

A clipboard snapping

Scuffing a boot or shoe against the floor

Poker chips being stacked

Desk or filing cabinet closing

Finger shuffling through cards

The second hand ticking on a watch

A Stamp Machine

Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher (for fetch with dogs)

Opening/Closing a reusable water bottle

Snapping your fingers

Crown and anchors wheel

Shovel Going Into Snow

Cellphone Snapping a Picture

Opening/Closing a Pill Bottle Lid

A Label Maker

Pulling off a Wax Strip

Closing a cassette deck

A door knob quickly recoiling

The “pop” of a jar opening

Plugging & unplugging the cord to a cell phone

Putting a Keurig pod into the coffee machine

An electronic stapler

Turning off the burner on a kitchen stove

Duck tape ripping

Ripping a paper towel off the roll

Snapping into a ski boot

Sound of a slinky moving or stopping

Cracking pasta noodles in half before boiling

A 3-Ring Binder Opening

A Gas Cap Turning

A Mouse Trap

A Suction Cup being pulled off a fridge or window

Paper punch

Pepper grinder

Opening/Closing a lap top

Sliding a cellphone up or down

CD cases clapping together

Sound of a turkey popper popping

Closing the battery compartment on a remote

A rubber band being flicked at an object

Fly swatter swatting

Pulling a string or chain light fixture

The sound Flip Flops make while taking a step

A Digital Display Board Flipping

A dart hitting a dart board

A hair clip

A blade being clicked into a razor

The click of loading a bullet into a handgun

A connect 4 piece sliding into place

Opening a combination lock

Ratchet moving on a socket

Getting a tic tac out of the plastic container

Clicking a view master

A Pez Dispenser

Briefcase or suitcase snapping closed

Golf Ball dropping in Hole

The “clicking” of a remote slide projector

Slot Machine Reel Stopping

Popping a Pringles Container

The CD/DVD reader on a laptop being pushed in

A kiss

Cigar cutter cutting a cigar

Flipping/tapping playing cards

The sound of a hungry hungry hippo

Pills being tipped in a plastic pill bottle

Closing the clip on a nail gun

A Subway Turnstile clicking

The flash of a digital camera popping open

Snapping the lid closed on a Tassimo Coffee Maker

Clipping/unclipping a battery for a power tool

Snapping an Ink Cartridge in a Printer

Folding a lawn chair

clicking your tongue against the roof of your mouth

Popping bubble wrap

Sound of an axe chopping wood

Flip phone snapping shut

Cinching up snowboard bindings

Kit kat being broken apart

A BB Gun or Air Rifle

A Synthesized Clap

Swiping a Credit Card

A Flip Clock changing time

Cracking a hardboiled/soft boiled egg

Punching Time Clock

Medical glove snapping

A Switchblade car key

Snapping or breaking a pencil

A revolving door coming around

Snapping a clipboard

Scissors cutting through paper or ribbon

A Retract-a-Bit Screwdriver

The tabs on a plastic container “snapping” closed

An Electric Kettle shutting off after coming to a boil

Turning of a knob on a candy dispensing machine

A typewriter key striking the paper

Unplugging an electric guitar

A metronome

Suction cup coming off

Stopping or starting a stopwatch

Cards in bike spokes clicking

Rolodex flipping

Computer solitaire card flip

A pen clicking open or closed

A ruler being “snapped” on a table or book

Making a *tsk* sound with your tongue on the roof of your mouth

Extending a Snow Brush

Swiping to unlock an Iphone 7s

Turn the screen off on your iphone with the right button

Flipping over a 3D pin art toy (the thing where you put your hand or face in it)

Turn signal in your car

Patron click counter at a bar

Spacebar depressed on a keyboard

Sound of a gas nozzle in a car

Fishing reel clicking into place

Sound of a dishwasher door closing

A Debit Card locking in to a Bank Machine

A Skeleton Key unlocking an old-fashioned door

The “clicking” of a computer mouse

Clicking of an analog stick on an XBox controller

Clicking/Unclicking a seatbelt

Pulling tape off your clothes

Flipping through papers quickly

Turning the switch on a flashlight

Flicking on a Bic Lighter

Magazine/Newspaper being tossed on a table

Opening up a handheld fan

Shooting the Gun from Duck Hunt

Popping a battery into a cordless drill

A Bow and Arrow

Pushing a re-dial button on a phone

Winding up a Child’s toy

A Wood Block Instrument

A Magnet hitting the fridge

A tape recorder button being pushed

Cocking a gun

Whittling a piece of wood with a knife

Sound of a public bathroom door latching

Popping the cap off a bottle

Windows navigator start up sound

Sucking something out of a tooth

Retractable dog leash retracting

Chopping carrots on a cutting board

Closing the snaps on a Guitar Case

Strumming a muted guitar string

Closing a Glove Compartment door

Taking a cap off a shaving cream can or a hairspray can

Opening the latch on a guitar case

Closing the door of a cassette tape player

clicking of a sub pump or water pump

Cracking of a smart phone screen

Installing an ink cartridge in a printer

Putting an 8 track into a player

Pulling on a paper towel dispenser like one in a public bathroom

Front loading washing machine door closing

Unlocking a Padlock

Disengaging a car Emergency Brake

Hitting a baseball with a wooden baseball bat

Taking the lid off of a stick of deodorant

A carabiner clip snapped back from being retracted

A security lock for a door where you have to punch in the keys and it makes that noise after it goes through the process

A jack-in-the-box being put back in the box

Hanging up an old payphone

The optometrist eye test lens changing during an eye exam

Picking up an office phone click from the desk unit

Opening the tab on a nevada ticket

Snapping a rubber glove

Loading a nerf gun

A cassette being popped into a cassette deck

The clock flipping to 6am in the movie Groundhog Day

Pull start of snowmobile or lawnmower

Locking the screen on your phone

Newton’s Cradle

Snapping closed a hand fan

Lancet pen being used to check blood sugar levels

Refrigerator Door Closing

Shutting the battery cover on a digital camera

Opening the vacuum seal on a can of coffee

Revolving sprinkler turning

Nail clippers clipping nails

Flicking a bick lighter

Inserting a picture-disk into a View-Master

A cassette case being placed or opened on a table

Pulling the chain on a ceiling fan

Cutting a hedge with pruning shears

Snapping on a rubber glove

Taking a photo on a disposable camera

Popping the contents out of a blister pack

A bank card being dragged across a five o’clock shadow

Placing a remote down on a table

Heat selector on a dryer

Price checker device at a grocery store

Feeding the parking meter

Taping fingernails on a surface

Closing a Jewell or CD case

Opening a Zip-Lock Baggie

The sound of the ROCK 95 Safe Closing after the money is removed

A Paintball hitting a Wall

Cracking a Nut

Latch on a car hoist

Clicking a laptop onto a docking station

The ATM cash slot opening or closing

centre hole punch punching

Hairbush going through tangles

Nail being hit by a hammer

A gate latch opening

A card shuffling machine depositing a card on the table

A spring door-stop being flicked

Opening an umbrella

A Transistor Radio On-Off Switch

Running your thumb very quickly on the end of a deck of cards

A beer pong ball going in a cup

A button to pick a line on a phone

Stacking plastic cups

Peeling the sticker off a banana

Locking mechanism in a washer or dryer activating

Opening a beer

Flipping a bundle of cash

Striking a wooden match

Closing the lid on a Zippo lighter

Two Credit Cards rubbing together when pulled out of a wallet

An analogue Chess Clock

Amanda Simpson of Innisfil guessed “Cracking Styrofoam” and won $7,475!

Rock 95 Secret Sound #11

See all the guesses below:

A Stapler

Pull Start of an Engine

Somebody diving off a diving board

The plucking of a vehicle’s radio antenna

Spinning an empty toilet paper roll

Sucking liquid through a straw

Pulling on a paper towel dispenser

A pinball machine plunger

When the paper runs out on a spool on a toilet paper holder

Ice Cube dispenser

A Golf Ball dropping in hole

A Metal Spring Door Stopper

Fingers Tapping on a Desk

Squishing a Can

Getting on or off of a scale

Beer pong (when the ball twirls around the cup)

Pinball machine flipper

Dropping dice in a cup

Pen rolling across desk

Board game dice popper

Door stopper

Hinge of a saloon type door going back and forth

Opening a Garbage Can lid

The Hands of an Old Clock moving

Flicking a Bic Lighter

Billy-Jo Jenkins of Collingwood guessed ‘Bobble Head’ and won $925!

Rock 95 Secret Sound #10

See all the guesses below:

Rolling Dice in Your Hand
Pop Rocks Exploding In a Mouth
Crumpling Candy Foil
Cellophane Wrap off of a sucker
Crumpling of Paper
Peeling a Hard Boiled Egg
Ice Cubes coming out of an Ice Cube Tray
Munching on Fruit or Vegetable
Emptying the Recycle Bin on your Computer
Biting off a piece of celery
Frying bacon and eggs
A Salt or pepper grinder
Biting into a hard-shell taco
Reaching into a bag for potato chip
Opening a bag of potato chips
Firewood crackling
Knife cutting through vegetables
Crinkling Candy Wrapper

Peeling and Onion was guessed by Michelle James of Midland and she won $775!


Rock 95 Secret Sound #9

See all the guesses below:

Elastic being snapped off a desk
Someone snapping their finger
Icicle Dripping
A sealed Jar lid popping open
Opening a Glass Bottle with an aluminum cap on it
Clicking of a Pen
Barbeque Lighter

Tammy Fisher correctly guessed ‘Cracking a knuckle’ and won $500

Rock 95 Secret Sound #8

See all the guesses below:

Car door locks
Car door shutting
An Electric Typewriter
A Deadbolt Latching
The Clicking of a Viewmaster
Opening a Briefcase
Hole Puncher Punching Paper
Tying a balloon
A turnstyle
A pricing stamp
Sliding door on the side of a van
Shaking a box of spaghetti
Microwave door opening
a Slinky coming to rest
Automatic Card Shuffler
Opening or Closing a Kitchen Cupboard
Opening/Closing a Filing Cabinet
Iced-Up Windshield Wipers
Popping the trunk of a car
Opening a push-bar door

Terry Cormier guessed opening an umbrella and won $875.

Rock 95 Secret Sound #7

See all the guesses below:

Grinding a salt or pepper shaker
Grating a carrot
Splitting a deck of cards
A Shutter taking a picture
Crunching on celery
Bundles of newspaper being dropped
Automatic door locks on a car
Munching on a carrot
Rubbing nails over a washboard
Boots crunching in the snow
Old-fashioned credit card swipe machine
A pepper grinder
Teledex with the cards and you spin
Hand held pencil sharpener

Chantal Getson of Tottenham guessed a Rubik’s cube twisting and won $700

Rock 95 Secret Sound #6

See all the guesses below:

Rings on a flagpole
Nail clippers clipping
Pen(s) dropping into a cup
Hands on an old clock ticking
Winding an old alarm clock
Someone tapping long fingernails on a mug
Egg Timer
Ice Cubes in a glass
Stacking poker chips
Rolling yatzee dice, shaking them in the cup
Pepper grinder
Pencil being sharpened
A Ratchet
Combination lock
A Metronome
Fingers on the teeth of a comb
A dripping tap
A Can Opener
Dropping Poker Chips
A Switch in a Tri-light Socket
A wind up toy car
Hands of a clock ticking
Playing checkers
Twisting the handle on an old gumball machine
A computer mouse scroll wheel
Coin change dispenser
Dropping Change in a Tip Jar
Twisting knob on bubblegum machine
Keys scratching a surface
Knife, fork and spoon being set down
Pills dropping into a plastic pill container
Wooden Balls Being Moved in an Abacus
Dropping coins in a piggy bank
gumballs dropping from a gumball machine
Dropping coins in a parking meter
Shaking toothpicks out of a plastic toothpick container
Wooden coasters dropping on a table top
A Washboard
Can Opener or opening a can
Whiskey Cubes in a glass
Twisting a safety cap the wrong direction
A vintage straw that you bend back and forth

Louise Keizer of Barrie guessed Scrabble Tiles Being Stacked and won $1525

Rock 95 Secret Sound #5

See all the guesses below: Jim Budd Of Barrie guessed… A Zip Tie and won $300

Rock 95 Secret Sound #4

See all the guesses below: 

Dining room chair sliding over hardwood floor
Chalk across a blackboard

Moving Furniture

Party Noisemakers

Shutter Squeaking

When you raise and lower the straw in the plastic lid of a takeout drink…guessed by Kathy Depatie of Orillia and she won $475

Rock 95’s Secret Sound #3

See all the guesses below: 

Old Ringer Washer
Windshield Wiper

A Lint Roller was guessed by Brooke Fenton of Barrie and she won $375

Rock 95’s Secret Sound #2

See all the guesses below: 

Winding up a wind up clock
Opening a Jar Lid
Scraping Ice off of Windshield
Dog scratching a bowl or dish
Wheels on a roller-coaster track

Screwing or Unscrewing a Light Bulb…was guessed by Tom Turtscher of Cookstown and he won $500!

Rock 95’s Secret Sound #1

See all the guesses below: 

Someone shoveling snow
Ice scraper on your windshield
Ripping Paper
A Skipping Record
Windshield Wiper Moving
Striking a Match
Someone Getting Waxed
Ripping Duct Tape
A Paper Bag Ripping
Ripping Velcro
Tearing medical tape/bandage off your skin
An Old-School Flip Clock Changing Numbers
Somebody opening a bag of chips
A stapler
Ripping Cloth
Flicking a Lighter
Flipping pages of a book
Digging into dirt
Doing up a snap on a hood or a coat
Paper Tearing
Brushing or combing Hair
Stopping with Skates on Ice
Plugging an Instrument into an Amp
A Bill Counting Machine Counting Money
Ripping cardboard
Automatic door locks on a vehicle
Fingers across screen
Cutting vegetables
Shuffling or moving feet across a floor
Adjusting a ballcap (the strap in the back)
Tuning the radio
Walking on crunching snow
Electric Race Car Set
Needle on a record getting stuck
A credit card scraping a face/beard
Dog scratching himself
Opening a briefcase
An Old-School Credit Card Machine Making a Transaction

Pulling Tissue out of a Box… was guessed by Greg Wilson of Barrie and he won $1,300