Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound

Think You Know What It Is? Try Your Luck and Maybe Win $10,000!

It’s Rock 95’s Secret Sound Contest where you could win up to $10,000!

All you have to do – is be listening for your cue to call, identify the secret sound, and WIN!

We’ll be giving you 12 chances every weekday, between 8am-8pm, to play. Make sure you’re the 9th caller through at 705-721-7625 when you hear it to play.

Or at 2pm you can try your luck and be the 9th person to text “GUESS” at 705-735-7625. If you are, we’ll call you back and give you your shot at guessing what the secret sound is.

The pot will start at $300. For every wrong answer we’ll add another $25 to the pot, up to $10,000!

Be listening for your chance to WIN Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound Contest – only on Barrie’s Rock Station, Rock 95.

Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound Contest Rules and Regulations

Rock 95 Secret Sound #10

See all the guesses below:

Rolling Dice in Your Hand

Pop Rocks Exploding In a Mouth

Crumpling Candy Foil

Cellophane Wrap off of a sucker

Crumpling of Paper

Peeling a Hard Boiled Egg

Ice Cubes coming out of an Ice Cube Tray

Munching on Fruit or Vegetable

Emptying the Recycle Bin on your Computer

Biting off a piece of celery

Frying bacon and eggs


Rock 95 Secret Sound #9

See all the guesses below:

Elastic being snapped off a desk

Someone snapping their finger

Icicle Dripping

A sealed Jar lid popping open

Opening a Glass Bottle with an aluminum cap on it

Clicking of a Pen

Barbeque Lighter

Tammy Fisher correctly guessed ‘Cracking a kunckle’ and won $500

Rock 95 Secret Sound #8

See all the guesses below:

Car door locks

Car door shutting

An Electric Typewriter

A Deadbolt Latching

The Clicking of a Viewmaster

Opening a Briefcase

Hole Puncher Punching Paper

Tying a balloon

A turnstyle

A pricing stamp

Sliding door on the side of a van

Shaking a box of spaghetti

Microwave door opening

a Slinky coming to rest

Automatic Card Shuffler

Opening or Closing a Kitchen Cupboard

Opening/Closing a Filing Cabinet

Iced-Up Windshield Wipers

Popping the trunk of a car

Opening a push-bar door

Terry Cormier guessed opening an umbrella and won $875.

Rock 95 Secret Sound #7

See all the guesses below:

Grinding a salt or pepper shaker

Grating a carrot

Splitting a deck of cards

A Shutter taking a picture

Crunching on celery

Bundles of newspaper being dropped

Automatic door locks on a car

Munching on a carrot

Rubbing nails over a washboard

Boots crunching in the snow

Old-fashioned credit card swipe machine

A pepper grinder

Teledex with the cards and you spin


Hand held pencil sharpener

Chantal Getson of Tottenham guessed a Rubik’s cube twisting and won $700

Rock 95 Secret Sound #6

See all the guesses below:

Rings on a flagpole

Nail clippers clipping

Pen(s) dropping into a cup

Hands on an old clock ticking

Winding an old alarm clock

Someone tapping long fingernails on a mug

Egg Timer

Ice Cubes in a glass

Stacking poker chips

Rolling yatzee dice, shaking them in the cup

Pepper grinder

Pencil being sharpened

A Ratchet

Combination lock

A Metronome

Fingers on the teeth of a comb

A dripping tap

A Can Opener

Dropping Poker Chips

A Switch in a Tri-light Socket

A wind up toy car

Hands of a clock ticking

Playing checkers

Twisting the handle on an old gumball machine

A computer mouse scroll wheel

Coin change dispenser

Dropping Change in a Tip Jar

Twisting knob on bubblegum machine

Keys scratching a surface

Knife, fork and spoon being set down

Pills dropping into a plastic pill container

Wooden Balls Being Moved in an Abacus

Dropping coins in a piggy bank

gumballs dropping from a gumball machine

Dropping coins in a parking meter


Shaking toothpicks out of a plastic toothpick container

Wooden coasters dropping on a table top

A Washboard

Can Opener or opening a can

Whiskey Cubes in a glass

Twisting a safety cap the wrong direction

A vintage straw that you bend back and forth

Louise Keizer of Barrie guessed Scrabble Tiles Being Stacked and won $1525

Rock 95 Secret Sound #5

See all the guesses below: Jim Budd Of Barrie guessed… A Zip Tie and won $300

Rock 95 Secret Sound #4

See all the guesses below: 

Dining room chair sliding over hardwood floor
Chalk across a blackboard

Moving Furniture

Party Noisemakers

Shutter Squeaking

When you raise and lower the straw in the plastic lid of a takeout drink…guessed by Kathy Depatie of Orillia and she won $475

Rock 95’s Secret Sound #3

See all the guesses below: 

Old Ringer Washer
Windshield Wiper

A Lint Roller was guessed by Brooke Fenton of Barrie and she won $375

Rock 95’s Secret Sound #2

See all the guesses below: 

Winding up a wind up clock
Opening a Jar Lid
Scraping Ice off of Windshield
Dog scratching a bowl or dish
Wheels on a roller-coaster track

Screwing or Unscrewing a Light Bulb…was guessed by Tom Turtscher of Cookstown and he won $500!

Rock 95’s Secret Sound #1

See all the guesses below: 

Someone shoveling snow
Ice scraper on your windshield
Ripping Paper
A Skipping Record
Windshield Wiper Moving
Striking a Match
Someone Getting Waxed
Ripping Duct Tape
A Paper Bag Ripping
Ripping Velcro
Tearing medical tape/bandage off your skin
An Old-School Flip Clock Changing Numbers
Somebody opening a bag of chips
A stapler
Ripping Cloth
Flicking a Lighter
Flipping pages of a book
Digging into dirt
Doing up a snap on a hood or a coat
Paper Tearing
Brushing or combing Hair
Stopping with Skates on Ice
Plugging an Instrument into an Amp
A Bill Counting Machine Counting Money
Ripping cardboard
Automatic door locks on a vehicle
Fingers across screen
Cutting vegetables
Shuffling or moving feet across a floor
Adjusting a ballcap (the strap in the back)
Tuning the radio
Walking on crunching snow
Electric Race Car Set
Needle on a record getting stuck
A credit card scraping a face/beard
Dog scratching himself
Opening a briefcase
An Old-School Credit Card Machine Making a Transaction

Pulling Tissue out of a Box… was guessed by Greg Wilson of Barrie and he won $1,300