Yep. That’s A Barbell Backflip

The Edmonton Elks player is making you feel bad about your gym routine.

Shai Ross, a wide receiver for the Edmonton Elks hailing from Winnipeg has been blowing the minds of people all over the internet with his barbell backflip.

You read that right.

Now like he said, don’t try this at home. Or even in your gym. Unless you wanna go viral and have a hospital trip yourself.

I asked my boyfriend who knows about this stuff informs me that the barbell could total up to 135lbs.

Now add to whatever he weighs, and he manages to throw all of that up and around…

That is peak athleticism.

@shaiross83 Kids DON’T try this at home⚠️ #barbell #backflip #viral #foryou #sctop10 ♬ original sound – Shai Ross

Now after watching this, I’m gonna go back to my double double and boston cream donut.