WWII Vet Says Key to Long Life Is Drinking A Beer-A-Day

a Coors-Light-a-day keeps the grim reaper away

Andrew E. Slavonic is a World War II Veteran and turned 102 years old this month and says the reason he lived so long was drinking a Coors Light every day at 4 p.m.

You may remember him from last year when he went viral for claiming Coors Light was also the reason he stayed young. So they gave him a refrigerator stocked with his favourite beer.

He was also invited to the Coors brewery in Golden, Colorado to have his daily 4 p.m. bevvy and was honoured at a Pittsburgh Penguins game.

Apparently Andrew started drinking Coors in 1996 but switched to Coors Light because his doctor recommended it and he prefers the taste.

[via Fox]
(cover photo via Rob Nguyen flickr)