Would You Hire The Grinch To Scare Your Kids?

Does this seem like a good idea?

Is the Grinch the right guy to get your kids in the Christmas spirit?
These videos maybe aren’t a new thing but it seems like I am seeing them pop up more now than ever. Usually seeing Santa around the holidays is plenty of fun for kids, maybe he visits your school, or you visit him in a big mall or store..maybe you see hi on the side of the street, but just seeing the big man usually gets the Christmas Spirit flowing. The Grinch seems like it’s more for adults, because once you’re older seeing how mean the Grinch is becomes even funnier. The videos going viral this time of year however, are one’s of parents hiring Grinch impersonators to visit their house, and yes sometimes it’s a beautiful experience.


Such a smart youngster! And how cool of a job. Hope this gives some kids a cool business idea 😳 💸💸💸 #entrepreneur #fyp #grinch

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But for the most part the videos are horrifying for the kids?


parents are savage for this (@vivssta) #christmas #grinch #kids #fyp

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