Would you Give up $5,000 a Year to Wear Jeans to Work?

Emphasis on the casual in business casual

If you said yes, you’re definitely not alone.

Randstad surveyed over 1,200 U.S. workers earlier this summer to find out how important dress codes are to people. Apparently for some, they’re VERY important.

33% of workers polled said they’d rather work for a company that had an informal dress code and would be willing to give up $5,000 a year in order to dress casually at work.

One third of people polled also said they would decline a job offer in favour of a job that allowed them to wear jeans to work.

All that being said, 65% of people polled said it’s still important for applicants to wear a suit during a job interview and 42% said they would rather be 20 minutes late than show up looking under dressed.

Our suspicions were correct about people who work from home as well. 50% of people polled say they wear business clothes from the waist up and casual clothing from the waist down during video calls.

[via CNBC]