Would-Be Tenant Taken For A Ride In Kijiji Rental Scam

Police Say Never Send Money To Someone You Don't Know For Something You've Never Seen

A cautionary tale from one of our listeners today, after a man came into our studios this morning to warn of a scam making the rounds. He says he decided to rent a home off Kijiji for a thousand bucks a month, and even sent an email money transfer to his supposed landlord. Once he went to move in, that’s when the fella was told it was a scam by the man currently living there. He’s out a grand, while Barrie Police told me this morning it’s a common scam, especially around September when college kids are moving in. Never send money electronically to someone you’ve never met for something you’ve never seen in person, as Police Constable Nicole Rodgers told me you may as well just put your money in an envelope and throw it away.