World Record 70-Layer Dip Weighs Over 1000 Pounds

Now they need to create a nacho big enough to get all the layers on there

If you’re one of those dippers who need to get a bit of every layer on your chip, you’ve got a challenge in front of you with this dip.

Bush’s Beans set a new Guinness World Record for largest ‘7 Layer Dip’. It was created using 10 different types of seven-layer dips (including veggie, cuban, fiesta and others), and weighs in at over 1,000 pounds, almost the previous record of 540 pounds.

The dip took 19 people 12 hours to create and was donated to a local charitable organization to help feed those in need. Bush’s did say they had a food hygienist on-hand to ensure food safety guidelines were followed.

(cover photo via cuponeando flickr)