World Cup Update: No Beers But There Are Monkeys And Tigers

It's Illegal to be drunk in public in Qatar -- shouldn't be a problem right?

We knew the World Cup in Qatar was going to be a memorable one, just weren’t sure if that would be for good reasons or bad. There was a last-minute announcement last week regarding the sale of alcohol which was originally allowed but at the 11th hour was pulled by the powers that be in Qatar. Not to over generalize but the people that travelled thousands of miles from various countries around the world, the fan that makes that trip, that fan would like a beer.

The hunt for beer will be ongoing for Football fans, but two gents from England were approached by someone and instead of beer they got an experience of a lifetime.

This sounds like the script of a movie. An ultimate beer run, and this guy knows he’s on TV…so why not make a great story up, right? That’s where my mind went and apparently a few more as well because once he was questioned…he responded with this.