Woman Slips Out of Cuffs and Steals Police Car

Not surprisingly...this happened in Florida

30-year-old Mary Liane Fritz was arrested on charges of stalking. She allegedly stalked a woman all the way to the Gainesville Police Station. Officers handcuffed her hands behind her back and put her in the back seat of a patrol car…alone.

According to the arrest report, Fritz managed to slip out of her cuffs, climb through the partition between the back and front seats, start the patrol car and drive off!

She didn’t get far. Police used GPS tracking to follow the car after she rammed through the gate at the police station during her getaway. Police pursued her from a helicopter and she was stopped by a road block the cops set up.

She’s charged with grand theft of a vehicle, stalking, criminal mischief, fleeing police and resisting an officer.

[via Gainesville.com]