Woman Has Armed Standoff With Police Because Boyfriend Said Spaghetti was ‘Okay’

"It's Okay"

The worst thing after putting effort into a home-cooked meal is having the person you cooked it for tell you it was just ‘Okay’.

We can all relate just a little bit with Jodi Ecklund from Merrimack, New Hampshire. She made spaghetti for her boyfriend Martin and freaked out when he said it was “Okay”.

She punched him in the face and the arm before he was able to escape the apartment. He called the police after she barricaded herself inside armed with a Glock .9-mm and a M4 assault rifle and threatened to kill anyone who entered her home.

The standoff lasted several hours before police were able to arrest her. Jodi Ecklund is facing two counts of criminal mischief, two counts of criminal threatening, two counts of reckless conduct and three counts of domestic violence.

(source: NYDN)