Woman Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer Leaves Husband to Have “Better Sex”

"I literally wanted to hump everyone and everything I saw."

Molly was diagnosed with stage IV terminal breast cancer at 41 years old and decided since she only had a limited time left on earth, would make sure she did everything she’s ever wanted to do. That includes finally having “better sex before she died”.

Sadly, Molly passed away last March, but her friend has shared her story in the hopes that it will inspire others to ‘nurture their relationships’.

Molly says before she was diagnosed with cancer that she was looking to recharge her sex life with her husband, but naturally cancer threw a wrench in those plans. She says after losing both breasts to cancer and being told she couldn’t have kids, she didn’t feel relevant as a sexual female. Then she was put on hormone therapy, which ended up supercharging her libido.

“I literally wanted to hump everyone and everything I saw.”

When she got the call from her doctor that her cancer had spread to her bones and was terminal. She decided to leave her unhappy 15 year marriage and enjoy the rest of her life as a single woman. She threw herself into dating and had over 183 suitors including a Ryan Reynolds lookalike with a masochism fetish and an at-home massage that came with a happy ending.

She confirmed that she wouldn’t likely have been as open to things if it wasn’t for her diagnosis.

“Sex makes me feel alive — and it’s a great distraction from being sick.”

Molly’s friend has chronicled Molly’s sexual exploits in a six-part podcast called Dying for Sex.



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