Winter. What Winter?

We may be in and out of mild weather till mid-February

The first full day of winter is not feeling much like winter..and it’s not likely to feel like winter anytime soon says Environment Canada’s David Phillips. He says we’ve had one, what he calls, All-Freeze-Day where the temperature stayed below zero morning, afternoon and night. To this point last year we had 15. Blame it on El Nino, which Phillips says will keep things on the mild side until mid-February. Then we might start to get a more traditional winter. As for taking part in winter activities – skiing, ice fishing and the like – Phillips says when the opportunity arises take advantage of it. There won’t be any guarantee you’ll be able to the next weekend. And for those rejoicing in this mild weather, Phillips says there could be a down side come next summer – water levels may be lower and there may be more bugs and disease to deal the little critters and germs able to survive with no deep freeze to kill them.