Winter Games Fun

Let's Go Canada!

It’s been interesting tuning into the Winter Games coverage in PyeongChang.  It’s fascinating to learn about another culture half a world away.  We’re learning the pros’s and cons of life in South Korea mixed with the co-existence of an unruly neighbour to the north.  The time difference presents a small problem in that sometimes you already know the results of the day before tuning into the evening’s coverage to find out what happened.

Image result for mixed curlingOne thing I’ve learned already from the Games, I don’t think I could be on the mixed doubles curling team.  That’s just what I would need is another women yelling at me to sweep.  Hard.  Hurrrryyyyy.   I’d be tempted to tell them to sweep it themselves.

The back stories from some of the athletes are fascinating though.  Like Mark McMorris the slopestyle snowboarder who just less than a year ago almost died in a snowboarding accident after smacking square into a tree during a jump in the back country while out with some friends.  He wound up in hospital with tubes sticking out of him from every imaginable direction and had suffered fractured ribs, a fractured left arm, pelvis, and jaw, along with a ruptured spleen and collapsed left lung.   Since last March, he’s worked really hard to recover from his devastating injuries and on Saturday, manged to score a bronze medal in his event.  Just an incredible story.  Or how about Quebec’s Laurie Blouin who had a bad crash during practice runs and was removed from the track by stretcher and taken to hospital with head injuries, only to come back in the following days and win a silver medal in her event.

There’s many more stories about to unfold in the coming days.  Heroes will be made.  There’s always huge highs  and devestating disappointments ahead in the coming days as that’s always a part of the Games as well which is one of the great things about it, as you just never know what’s going to happen next.  Go Canada Go!