Holiday Hops Showdown – Best Winter Ales

Everyone loves a nice, light beer on a hot summer day. But when its time […]

Everyone loves a nice, light beer on a hot summer day. But when its time to curl up in front of the fireplace on a cold winter night, a Corona just doesn’t cut it. And while many of us would love to experiment with some of the bolder, heartier beers on the market, there’s nothing like paying a few bucks for a can just to throw it out after the first sip.  In true Rock 95 fashion, our staff were more than happy to oblige when we asked them to participate. After all, who doesn’t want an excuse to drink during the work day?


The Contenders…


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Competing in our taste testing were Spark House Red Ale, London Porter, Innis & Gunn and Kilkenny Irish Cream. Being a blind taste test, our our kitchen counter looked more like a game of beer pong waiting to happen. Unfortunately, that will have to wait for the weekend!


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The Taste Testers…

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Our more-than-willing participants were Victoria, Brett, Carol and Bill (not pictured).


Beer #1 (London Porter)

“It’s hoppy and bitter, taste kind of like coffee. I’d pass on this one…” – Brett

“I couldn’t even drink a glass. Even the smell is awful. Why did I volunteer for this?” – Carol


Beer #2 ( Spark House Red Ale)

“You want a ‘Stick to Your Ribs’ beer for the winter, but this goes down a bit too easy… Would be a good beer for Flip Cup anyway!” – Victoria

“Not bad. Milder than the first one” – Carol


Beer #3 (Kilkenny)

“I would drink this all winter.” – Victoria

“Did you mix this with water? I could drink about 40 of these!” – Carol  (….Clearly the alcohol is kicking in!)


Beer #4 (Innis & Gunn)

“Ooh what is that! It tastes kind of like honey. I like it a lot!” – Victoria

“Now this is the colour I like! Not too bitter or watery.” – Bill 


And the Winner is…

Finally something we can all agree on! Innis & Gunn was the clear favourite.


And last but not least-  our highly recommended local brews…

Instead of opting for an imported beer, why not check out some of the great beers brewed right in our backyard? Here are our recommendations: