Winning Painted Plow Declared

Cundles Heights Public Wins Pizza, Bragging Rights

Cundles Heights Public School has earned some bragging rights after being named the victor in this year’s Paint a Plow contest. It’s the fifth time the City of Barrie has held this contest with local schools during Operations Week, with 13 participating this year.

Each school got a snow plow blade and painted it as they saw fit. The end results were displayed during a celebration of the city’s Operations Department in May, and voted on via social media. The winner declared, along with bragging rights, students at Cundles Heights will receive a pizza party courtesy the city.

This isn’t the last you’ll see of these plows either; Acting Operations Director Craig Morton tells our newsroom not only will each plow be put to use on roads in the general area of the school that painted it, the plow will be named after the school in question on the city’s Plow Tracker website.

Banner photo courtesy Twitter user @PRsmithPaula