Whose Side Are You On? The Driver Or The Customer


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You have to pick a side. An UberEats, Door Dash or one of those other service’s delivery drivers has picked up a food order and brought it to a customer. Once he arrives, he has a few words about the minimal tip the customer is giving him, saying that no one had tipped that night, roads were sketchy, he only makes $7.25 an hour and the delivery was not worth his time. Now because of all that, the driver decides to keep the food order, lets the customer know he can complain to his employer and give him 0 stars, but it won’t matter because he is quitting. If you have to pick one, whose side are you on?

Any job where you rely on tips has good days and bad days, and a day where it feels like you’re breaking even, appears it can break you, so taking the customers food and quitting was funny and justified. (Bryan)

Craig and Cat felt the driver was in the wrong and he could still have quit but needed to give the food to the PAYING patron.