Which Actor Dies the Most in Movies and on TV?

Everyone has their strengths...for some...it's dying

Robert DeNiro has an impressive 19 on-screen deaths. Leonardo DiCaprio has died nine times. But no actor compares to Sean Bean when it comes to kicking the bucket on-screen. He is the living actor who has died the most in movies and TV shows. Here are a few of his more notable deaths:

Sean Bean has died a total of 25 times in movies and TV shows. He’s not even the most killed actor of all-time. John Hurt holds that title. He’s been killed 43 times on-screen. The people over at Nerdist made this handy chart to rank the actors who have been killed the most.

It’s obvious Hollywood has a hard time killing women off because the first woman on this list is Charlize Theron at #33.

(cover photo via one_salient_oversight flickr)