When No One Is Looking

That's when the coolest things happen!

Why is it that the coolest things happen when no one is looking?
How many times have you caught that slippery bar of soap mid-air in the shower?
Or made a completely impossible shot across the room into the garbage bin?

Or that one time you were at your parents’ place over the Christmas holidays and everyone was outside playing in the snow and you had to run inside to go to the bathroom so you were kind of in a hurry, and slipped on the top step and took a mildly serious tumble down the stairs and totally landed on your feet and didn’t even spill a drop of your glass of Jackson Triggs Shiraz that you were drinking from a mason jar?

And then you try to tell people and NO ONE believes you?!

Well check this video out below.

I can’t stop watching this dude. Especially the way he looks around at the end to see if anyone else witnessed it.

Little did he know…someone DID see.