What Your Dad’s Beer Says About Him

A Non-Scientific Study of What Your Dad's Beer of Choice Says About Him.

My dad taught me a ton about life… The highs and the lows, how to pick good friends, and smart investments. He taught me how to turn a wrench, how to not electrocute myself, and so many more life lessons that I will carry with me forever. This article is not about any of those things.

The science here is loose: though I did survey a dozen people around the office. Here’s what people had to say about the beer your dad drinks and what it says about him.



Corona screams ‘this dad likes to have a good time.’ Whether its a beach vacation or the back deck; if the sun is shining this dad has a Corona close by and a smile on his face.  And since he loves being outside, you probably do to!


Bud Light

The Bud Light dad tells the same stories every weekend about his ‘crazy’ years in university. He may also own a novelty shirt that says something like “I can fix anything, where’s the duct tape.”

Anything Micro-Brew


The Hipster dad. This is the newest dad on the scene. He can usually be seen wearing skinny jeans and sporting a beard.

Molson Canadian

The Molson Canadian dad is full of glory days type stories about playing house league hockey, and is almost guaranteed to have an ‘I Am Canadian’ flag hanging in the garage.

Michelob Ultra

The Micholob Ultra dad is likely to say something like “I stopped growing up and started growing out.” He’ll also give you a nickname like ‘bud’ or ‘sport’.

Stella Artois…

…or any other European import for that matter… The Stella Dad is worldly… He’s been places. And every time he cracks an ice cold import he’s reminded of his travels and is likely to share some of his experiences from abroad.

Old Vienna

This is the beer of a smart dad. He know’s no ones going to take an OV if there’s any other choice. He might even take it one step further by ‘cooling’ his case of OV in the shade. Luke warm Old Vienna… Only the finest for this dad!

Happy Father’s Day to all the beer loving dads and remember to enjoy all beers responsibly!