What You Need To Bring With You To Vote

You Don't Need a Slew Of Paperwork in Order To Vote

Tomorrow’s the big day; the day we go to cast a ballot in the provincial election. You may have already gotten your Voter Information Card in the mail, even though they went out later than usual this year. Or maybe you haven’t gotten it, or you might not even be on the Voter’s List!

Fret not, Elections Canada says it is easy to vote, all you need are a few supporting documents to back up the claim that you are who you say you are. If you did get a Voter Information Card, bring it with you! All you need beyond that is any ol’ piece of ID that has your name on it (see below for the list of acceptable ID).

If you didn’t get the card, it may have gotten lost, or perhaps you’re not on the list. In either case, you will need the same documents; Elections Canada says those without a Voter Information Card need only bring a piece of ID with name and proof of address.

Of course, you need to know WHERE to vote. The Elections Ontario website makes it easy for you, all you need do is enter your postal code and the site will do the rest. Bring the acceptable identification with you, and go cast your ballot! Polls are open from 9am to 9pm this Thursday, June 7th.