What NOT To Say To Cashiers While Christmas Shopping

No. If It Doesn't Scan That DOESN'T Mean It's Free.

You think YOUR Christmas shopping is a stressful event, try working in retail during the craziest shopping time of year!

Be kind to those in retail. They’re just like you, trying to make it through, and doing their job. So DON’T say anything along the lines of…

“It’s not scanning? Oh, it must be free!”
This is the oldest joke in the book. And they’ve probably heard it 8 times that day already.


“Why is the line so long?!”
It’s 1pm the Saturday before Christmas. Why do you think?!

Cashier asks “Receipt with you or in the bag?” And you say “Yes”.
That’s not an answer!! Which is it? Bag or with you?


When the store doesn’t have the size you’re looking for and you say… “Why don’t you have more in stock?”
Because that’s a sale item, and today is the last day of the sale.

Saying “Can I have a gift receipt?” AFTER the whole transaction has already been done.


Just want to say Thank You, to anyone who works in retail. I’ve been there before, and I know how difficult and insane it can be at times!

Happy Shopping!

(Images Courtesy of: giphy.com/Home Alone Wiki)