The Nintendo 64 turns 21 today!

So many hours wasted playing Mario Kart 64!

The Nintendo 64 turns 21 today.

Released in Japan on June 23rd, 1996, the N64 was Nintendo’s third video game system released for home use. If you were lucky enough to get a Nintendo 64 at Christmas time when the N64 launched in North America later that year, you might have reacted like this kid.

You might remember some of the amazing games you might have played when you were younger like Mario Kart 64 and Super Smash Brothers. You might still play them now.

You might also remember going down to Blockbuster Video with your Pokemon Snap game cartridge to print off stickers of all of the Pokemon you photographed.

Man… the 90s were so cool.

CC Image Courtesy of Retro Queenie via Flickr