Weather Affecting Roads, Transit, Garbage Collection

Roads Closed, Transit Pulled of Roads, Garbage Collection Delayed

Some muscular winds and nasty weather across the board affecting many services of late. That includes the use of roads; In Clearview Township, where wind gusts and blowing snow has forced the closure of Highway 26 between Klondike Park Road and Stayner, County Road 91 to 124, and the 27-28th Sideroad approaching 26. Add to that Clearview Township announced this morning it had to pull its transit off the roads due to the deteriorating weather conditions here. The extreme cold temperatures of late, combined with some heavier trash volume thanks to the holidays, mean garbage collection in Barrie and across Simcoe County is delayed by about a day. If your trash isn’t picked up by end of day today, try to leave it on the curb until about 7:00 Saturday night.