UPDATE: Waypoint Centre Facing $40,000 Fine Following Workers’ Assault

Waypoint comments

December 15

Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care has responded to the fine imposed (see below) related to the injury of two workers a the hand of a patient at the centre. Carol Lambie, President and CEO of Waypoint, said the hospital accepts the decision of the court to impose a fine of $40,000, “We deeply regret that valued employees were injured in this incident. Any workplace safety incident is regrettable. At Waypoint violence is a serious concern and one of the outcomes of the charge is a reminder of the need to be vigilant in our safety and security efforts. This and any incident that causes harm impacts everyone across the hospital. Staff and patient safety and the prevention of violence are a priority as we strive to maintain an environment that is safe as well as therapeutic for our patients. Workplace violence prevention is part of our everyday work and we are continuously improving our practices to strengthen our programs for prevention, intervention and response. All incidents are investigated thoroughly to understand what happened and how to ensure prevention in the future.” The fine stemmed from a violation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act by failing to comply with a regulation requiring measures and procedures to be developed and established for the health and safety of a worker.

December 14

The Waypoint Centre in Penetanguishene has been fined $40,000 fine, after two workers were assaulted on the job. The fine was handed down today, after the centre was found responsible after the workers attacked by a patient armed with a screwdriver. The assault happened in April of 2016 while an employee was doing his rounds. A second worker was hurt while trying to subdue the patient.